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Published:February 12th, 2009 15:03 EST
Valentine's Day Banned In Many Islamic Countries

Valentine's Day Banned In Many Islamic Countries

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Senior Muslim clerics have urged Sudanese youngsters to boycott Valentine`s Day, saying it is a Western institution that could lead couples astray.

Members of the Sudan Ulema Authority, an influential body of religious leaders, called on young men and women to ignore the event on February 14 and resist the temptation to mark it by taking romantic strolls in parks.

"Valentine`s Day comes from Western countries. I call on Muslims not to imitate Christians," said preacher Sheikh Hassan Hamid in a statement released to Reuters on Wednesday." Reuters

Valentine`s Day isn`t a day of debauchery dedicated to performing fertility rituals. It`s a holiday that celebrates love and romance, and the only ritual performed is when a guy sends flowers or candy to his sweetheart.

In a world full of hate and discord Valentine`s day should be embraced by all cultures. Valentine`s Day should be the ultimate ecumenical observation, what religion or culture could possibly be against love?

The answer is Islam, many Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia ban this holy day celebrated by lovers young and old.

Sudanese Muslim clerics are warning young people to boycott Valentine`s Day, because it might lead them astray. Dear Lord, couples might stroll hand-in-hand in the park or exchange gifts expressing their love and commitment to each other. And we all know that the next step is to have orgies in the park in broad daylight.

Valentine`s Day shouldn`t be the province of Western countries, and lovers all over the world (including Muslims in Sudan and Saudi Arabia) should celebrate this wonderful institution.