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Published:February 20th, 2009 18:47 EST
Violence in Religions

Violence in Religions

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Although religions of God was meant to bring peace, love, justice and forgiveness, history is full of the contrary examples. The reason for this is political / economical abuse of the God`s religions and ignorance on the part of people about the religions.

Take the crusaders. Under the name of Christianity, a chain of huge wars were made, only for economic and political benefits. Copernicus was burnt to death because he claimed that earth was revolving around the sun. Galileo saved himself with utmost difficulty from being burned, for the same reason. He accepted - just to save himself- which "the earth was not revolving around the sun!" But, the true Christianity revealed itself through the dark ages and came until today.

The teachings of Jesus are still today great wisdom and guidance. The refusal of The Christ by the early Jews - not by The Old Testament-  is also a consequence of similar ignorance and political and economical profits. Both Judaism and Christianity are the religions of God. They complement one another. The situation is not different with Islam. Although Islam met with the reactions of Christians - and it still does today- it was a Christian priest who recognized Mohammed as the coming prophet.

Barnaba`s Bible also states that "the next savior will be Mohammed!" In the 11th century, Islam lived its golden age with its many scientific and artistic developments and spread itself to North Africa and Spain. Later, it was again the ignorant forces in Islam which destructed the glorious advance in Islam which we view even today. A very misunderstood Islam - although Koran is a clear statement of God`s order and advice- reigns over many countries. In Koran, God speaks to Prophet Mohammed - let peace be upon him- "Your duty is to deliver this book to the people. Whether they believe or not in this book, is their business. You are not a watchman for people`s beliefs!" In despite of this clear and secular statement, many states today have chosen the wrong way of "imposing" Islam onto their folk! And even going further, punishing people if the people do not follow their governments` orders and laws which do not always conform to the orders of God, in the Koran.

Many acts of terrorism today which are attributed to Islam, have nothing to do with Islam, as Koran condemns all kinds of terrorism. How to stop this misunderstanding about the religions? The books are clear, yet people who swallow millions of pages of newspapers and ads, won`t read the four books of God: The Psalms, The Old Testament, The New Testament and The Koran, to which we can gladly add The Mormon`s Book and the books of the Buddhists, as Buddhists also mean "God" when they say "Nirvana".

Reading of all the books of God is the only way to acquaint oneself with the true religions they brought to mankind, and erase the misconceptions about one`s own religion and of the other religions of God and stop the violence in one`s home and against the believers of other religions of God.

This is one of the themes in "SMALL MIRACLES"  by Askin Ozcan (Outskirts Press- ISBN 1598001000) which was applauded by the Writer`s Digest, as "the only way to bring about peace".