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Published:March 7th, 2009 12:59 EST
Catholic College Doesn't Allow Students To Pass Out Free Condoms

Catholic College Doesn't Allow Students To Pass Out Free Condoms

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Frustrated that her college does not distribute birth control, Stonehill College senior Katie Freitas decided she would do it herself.

After collecting hundreds of free condoms from two family-planning agencies, she and about 20 classmates placed boxes of the contraceptives in student dormitories across the Easton campus last month.

But when administrators at the Catholic school learned of the effort, they quickly intervened and collected the condoms, citing the college`s ban against distributing birth control on campus"

It`s axiomatic that college students, even those who attend Catholic universities, will engage in sex as often as possible. Health clinics at institutions of higher learning should provide fee condoms, or at least make them available at a nominal fee. A pregnancy or an STD doesn`t bode well for a scholastic career.

However a student who enrolls in a private Catholic college should realize that the church`s teaching will trump common sense. You don`t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to know that a Catholic college`s policy will follow church teachings, which oppose use of artificial contraception.

"Catholic college" is an oxymoron, how can any enlightened individual attend a school that places myth and superstition above science and reason? Katie Frietas should respect the right of Stonehill (Stone Age?) College to align its polices with those of the Roman Catholic Church. She should transfer to a more progressive institution where reason is valued, and condoms are freely available.