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Published:March 9th, 2009 15:14 EST
America Is Becoming More Secular

America Is Becoming More Secular

By Robert Paul Reyes

For the past few months we have been deluged with bad news: The Taliban gaining ground in Afghanistan, unemployment rates up, millions of homes in foreclosure, stock market sets record low, Iran threatens to destroy Israel...

But finally some good news: According to a new survey secularism is gaining ground in the United States.

"The percentage of Americans who adhered to no particular religion jumped from 8.2 percent in 1990 to 15 percent last year, the third American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) conducted over 10 months last year by pollsters from Trinity College in Connecticut, showed.

When the survey was conducted in 2001, 14.1 percent of respondents said they were not religious.

`Americans are slowly becoming less Christian... The challenge to Christianity does not come from other world religions or new religious movements, but rather from a rejection of all organized religions,` said a report of last year`s survey, in which 54,461 people took part." AFP

The number of mega-churches has increased, you can find one of these colossal temples in almost every state in the union. But mega churches don`t have any permanence, they are based on a cult of personality and not on doctrine per se. These spiritual and financial empires are led by charismatic figures, and when the founder falls to old age or scandal, the ministry doesn`t always survive.

But most mainline Protestant denominations have been losing membership for decades, and that pattern doesn`t show any sign of reversing. Methodists, Episcopalians and Lutherans ministers don`t have any relevance in a postmodern society.

The Roman Catholic Church has been devastated by the pedophile scandal, scores of Catholic churches are closing because they aren`t financially viable. There is also a severe shortage of priests in America, many priests minister to more than one congregation.

Those who have turned away from Christianity aren`t embracing Islam or any other organized religion. Thank God they aren`t exchanging one poison for another, they are rejecting religion in all its manifestations.

Organized religion is a sham, it`s not necessary to belong to any denomination or sect to worship a deity. You don`t need a pedophile priest or a greedy televangelist as a mediator between you and God.

If you don`t believe in God that`s fine also, a belief in God is usually a hindrance and not an asset in living a godly life.

Dear friend if you`ve recently turned away from the faith of your childhood, don`t feel guilty. You are the wave of the future, and those who still cling to organized religion will soon be regarded as dinosaurs.

In a decade or two we will be resemble most Europeans nations where religion is an irrelvancy.