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Published:March 25th, 2009 15:15 EST
Let our Prophets Sleep in Peace

Let our Prophets Sleep in Peace

By Saly Alhady

Suddenly, after the events of September 11, 2001, Islam became the nickname of Terrorism . The media was feeding the idea of "Islamophobia", which means if you are a Muslim you will become suspected as a terrorist, and you are guilty until proven innocent.

Sometimes I ask myself, how we can deal with any event around the world with this discrimination to punish all the Muslims communities for a crime in which they have no involvement and their only relationship to the criminals is that they are also Muslims. Furthermore, when terrorism has a color or nationality or even a religion, the point becomes " it would not serve justice to kill the whole family because one of them is a murderer.

So who is to be held responsible of this ugly picture of Muslims and their religion, and who will apologize for offending them and destroying their peace? Should the Media be held responsible for the fears and pains that come from the future of Americans to make successes based on the calculations of money? As they think of the damage that has been done to every Muslim who finds himself, by accident, accused of having his hand in many victim`s blood and he doesn`t know how to he explain to his friends that he will not be going to bomb them one day, as well as how to face and live under the watch of his neighbors suspicious eyes, which in reality leaves him ask himself every day (why me?)

For a long time, Muslim societies from all over the world began to accept their new look in the media without comment after many unsuccessful attempts to change the negative perceptions, as well as how to deal with the media`s storm, trying to regain the respect of them and their religion. However, there was a breaking point on September 30th when a Danish newspaper editor-- Jyllands-Posten-- decided to publish 12 offensive caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and reprinted them in a Norwegian magazine last month, which resulted in a hurtful attack on the Islamic religion and fueled the flames of their anger for this crime against their great prophet.

Denmark has been the hardest hit by the Muslim outrage; there have been aggressive waves of violence against Danish embassies, resulting in the burning of them in some parts of the Arab world, such as Syria and Lebanon.

In addition, Danish goods have been boycotted in Muslim countries. Also, several Arab countries have withdrawn their ambassadors from Denmark to protest the caricatures. Fury is spreading across the Muslim world and there are no anticipations of how these dramatic events will end.

On the other hand, the magazines which published these pictures said that no religious dogma can be considered as an infringement on a democratic and secular society. Furthermore, they hide under the cloak of the right to free speech.

History is full of crimes justified under the cover of freedom. However, we hope that they will show more respect of our prophets and keep them out of this dirty game, to sleep in peace.