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Published:July 4th, 2009 16:03 EST
Turkish Game Show Attempts To Convert Atheists

Turkish Game Show Attempts To Convert Atheists

By Robert Paul Reyes

"What happens when you put a Muslim imam, a Christian priest, a rabbi and a Buddhist monk in a room with 10 atheists?

Turkish television station Kanal T hopes the answer is a ratings success as it prepares to launch a gameshow where spiritual guides from the four faiths will seek to convert a group of non-believers.

The prize for converts will be a pilgrimage to a holy site of their chosen religion -- Mecca for Muslims, the Vatican for Christians, Jerusalem for Jews and Tibet for Buddhists."

Reuters/Dan Butler

Religious authorities in the Muslim nation of Turkey aren`t thrilled with the prospect of having their religion reduced to the ridiculous conventions of a reality show.

But a reality show is a perfect platform for featuring the superstitions and myths of the four major religions.

In a perfect world the ten atheists would convince the four religious leaders of the absurdity of their respective faiths.

Unfortunately, we don`t live in a perfect world, and the sanctimonious windbags will use their time in the spotlight to spout their nonsense.

I wish the religious leaders were put in a room with a deprogrammer, then the show would be a guaranteed to have an ending that would cause enlightened people all over the world to cheer and applaud.

To make this "reality" show realistic they should provide the Muslim imam with a machine gun to threaten the infidel dogs.

The Buddhist monk will probably feel more comfortable with the atheists that with his religious brethren. Buddhists have a laissez faire attitude toward spirituality, and the dogma of his religious colleagues will make the poor monk sick to his stomach.

Muslims aren`t very tolerant of other religions (no sh**) even in "secular" Turkey, and the show will probably be rigged so that the atheist will embrace the tender mercies of Allah. Now I`m sick to my stomach.