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Published:August 3rd, 2009 14:38 EST
Pieces In A Puzzle

Pieces In A Puzzle

By Mark Frederic Jennings


Numbers 12:6
He said, "Listen to my words:
       "When a prophet of the LORD is among you,
       I reveal myself to him in visions,
       I speak to him in dreams.

    And so, I gotta be honest. I still wasn`t really too sure about how to write this book. Not that I haven`t written stuff before. Lots of short stories and even another book one time. But it didn`t turn out too good. I didn`t like it anyway. The first book I wrote. It turned out pretty crummy. And I didn`t want that to happen again. That was horrible, writing a whole book and then not liking it at all after it was all done. It`s a lotta work, writing a book.
But so I was thinking, maybe I should get a little help here. And plus too it`s always a good idea when you`re a Christian to get God`s blessing and all for a big project like this anyway. So for both those reasons, I decided to pray on it. Praying is like always a good thing to do anyway. But especially if you aren`t sure how to go about doing something. Then for sure it is.

    And then what`s cool too, is that lately when I pray, I can get like these visions sometimes too. Like in that quote from the Bible I put at the beginning of this chapter. And I didn`t want to jump too far ahead or anything, but I figured maybe I should tell you about this now, since it like totally relates to how I`m writing and everything. So I`ll go ahead and tell about it now. About how I get these visions and all that.

    But so anyway, I start praying like this: I sit up real straight and cross my ankles so they touch and then I clasp my hands together in front of me. Then I close my eyes. Not that you have to do it this way. And I don`t always do it this way, but like I said, this praying was for a special reason. And sitting like this makes me like a complete circuit. You know, like an electrical circuit. My body becomes like a closed system, a figure eight with my legs making one circle for the bottom half and my arms making the top circle. And that`s like the symbol for infinity too isn`t it? I just thought of that. Maybe there really is something to this stuff.

    But anyway, I`ve just sort of found that praying in this position really helps me. It`s like the energy starts flowing through my body and I can feel it coursing through my limbs and then going too across my chest and stomach, around and around, and it gets stronger and stronger until like my whole body is tingling. And it totally reminds me of the feeling I had when I was born again, like this total feeling of love and joy, only not as strong though, but still really cool. And that`s why I think it means the Holy Spirit has come to be with me again. It feels like that. Usually too I`ll start rocking back and forth, like in a rocking chair. I don`t know why exactly, it just starts happening. It feels good too I guess. Then I`ll say something like this, but just kinda quiet you know, just so me and Him can hear. I`ll say...

  Holy Spirit, please come and be with me again.
 Forgive me for my sins and use me as a clean vessel
 for your holy power. Power to heal, power to prophesy,
 power to see visions, power for all things in your will for 
 your people. And as I know in your word you have promised
 these things to me simply for the asking, so shall they be
given. And now I ask for a vision Lord.
A vision of how I should go about writing this book best,
best for your glory, best for the bringing of your holy kingdom here to us.
And I thank you in advance for all your wonderful gifts that I receive.
Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord. Amen. "

   And then I`ll start looking around in the darkness of my mind for an image. That`s the best way I can explain it. Kinda like your waiting for a movie to start. A movie in your mind.
And this time, into the blackness, puzzle pieces started to fall... lazily... like leaves falling. But they were no ordinary puzzle pieces. Instead of just a part of a picture printed on them, you know, like those kind you buy at the store, the kind in a jigsaw puzzle, but these pieces each had like a little TV screen on their surface. And each piece was showing its own little TV episode. And as more pieces fell, I could tell they were all episodes in my life. And from the looks of it, key episodes in my life that had lead me to the Lord.

    Then my view in the vision continued to pull back and back and soon the individual images were too small to really see, but I could tell that the pieces, falling down fast now and in the hundreds, the thousands, or more, were all starting to form a globe. And the whole globe was like a TV screen now. And on it I could see great events in human history playing out, the many wars and great discoveries, great achievements and horrible disasters. And soon the globe was surrounded by space. And then the globe turned into the planet Earth, the mostly blue and cloud covered version we see so often.

    I watched just a little longer and the words, Show them your pieces, " formed at the bottom of the whole image in big white letters. And then Use your own words, " also came up underneath that. And then I let the vision go. It just ended. Fade to black, as they say in the movie biz.
And I know what you`re thinking. BIG DEAL! Well, it is when it happens to you. I know it`s not like anything earth shattering, but it`s fun. And as far as I know, I didn`t make it up. I  never thought of a puzzle like that with TV screens on all the pieces and all that. So it was from God, you know. Like FROM GOD! And that`s what`s really cool. That He would even bother to care about my stupid book and help me try and write it. That`s what`s cool about it.

   But so anyway, I guess I`ll show you my pieces, like the vision told me to. And now if you`re wondering why I`m writing like this too, like I was just talking to you or whatever, you know, with all the dumb little sayings we always use... like, `like`... and, `all that`... and, `so anyway`... and, `cool`... and, `whatever` " well... its because God told me to. He told me to use my own words. Then if it sucks like my last book, I can blame it on Him. Not really, but you know what I mean. And it won`t suck anyway. Not if He`s involved. God never sucks. That`s in the Bible too. Of course they say it different, but " OK " I`ll shut up ".