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Published:August 5th, 2009 18:37 EST
Awake! Ring The Alarm Bell!

Awake! Ring The Alarm Bell!

By Rouben Alikian

 He has come, The One, Mammon, and has opened the gates of hell. The Seventh Angel, opens up the seal and spreads its disease as the winds carry the damned seed into the minds of the doomed "


"Suddenly the Gates of Hell burst open with screaming flames across the Mars fields sprawling before Heaven dearest. God watches with dread how the armies of those damned and doomed by Him march against Him as one. Then the Horsemen ride out, Famine, Pestilence, War and Death atop their goodly Steeds Black, White, Red and Pale. Everything turns cold, hell freezes over and spreads its deathly chill across heaven`s lush hills and dales.


 The End Battle begins. Within the mayhem, angels, corrupted by decadence and opulence, lose desperately and hopelessly. The Flames of Hell spread across Heaven`s Gates and begins to gorge upon the utopian marble white lime walls and the ale house painted signs.


 A bolt of incinerating fear nails God to his custom chariot upon seeing his army being trampled like grass, as the Blade of Heaven itself shatters into oblivion within his hands out of black despair. And he turns to shameful a run, leaving his men to die.


 He tries to rally the remnants of the Angels for a final push, to resist, but no one heeds his call anymore.


 The denizens of Heaven, like a slithering ball of venomous snakes in a trance of orgies and bacchanalia persist in their massive and communal copulation, spewing fluids across the remnants of Heaven`s lush fields, marble floors and flowing silk.


 Gabriel and Peter, the last survivors fight like savages atop a mountain of their brethren`s corpses as they desperately, they hack and slack at their foes But even they cannot withstand the relentless onslaught as vicious teeth plough into their throats and the demons gorge on their sacred blood.


 The pitch black darkness of the damned infests the denizens of heaven like ravenous locusts. All is said and done.


 The Gardens of the Sinner are no more, incinerated and turned to flows of ash. The Promised Land with its lush fields and rolling forests is no more but scorched earth. The field of sorrow is a bloody spectacle of gore and mayhem.

 And atop this field of death, We, the Damned, unfurl our own flag with the Son himself crucified upside down upon the desecrated cross.


 At long last, We, the Damned have slain that cursed murderer, the Son of Man for whom eons of blood were shed upon the Earth in his gentle footsteps. No more shall he flee in the dead of night, in cahoots with his prostitutes and apostles, for He is dead!


 These courtesans of Heaven`s harems must be put to death for defiling their own beauty with acts of black night and heinous deeds of sodomy. The Father, The Son and the Unholy Spirit, let them burn, for all eternity in the flames of Heaven which shall ne`er be doused.


 Heaven and Hell are here, now, everywhere and always. Angels and Demons are none but we, humans. And here takes place the revolution where the heroes merely exchange their parts. Therefore good and evil are naught but points of view.


 The Damned are all those wronged who also want a glimpse of heaven, and being denied even that, begin to hate it with burning odium. They see how leg spreading whores receive a commoner`s lifetime`s wage and paid for by none other than the corrupt thief and criminal. Then, a commoner`s poverty is punishment for his moral, humane and righteous way of life, thoughts and feelings. Meanwhile on the screens of the world, some feckless prostitute earns and earns for nothing more than indiscriminate and unbridled debauchery.

 We have returned to Ancient Rome. The untamed and unexplained word Freedom " has brought us back to the being of beasts.


 In this menagerie of decadence and corruption, some day, one will rise, even if he be nameless, who will show mankind that true path of Light and Reason once again.