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Published:August 7th, 2009 09:49 EST
My Satori Enlightenment.

My Satori Enlightenment.

By Yasmin Esack

Hello, I`m Yasmin Esack, age 53, a national of Trinidad and Tobago. I do not do drugs or drink alcohol or partake of any mind altering substance. I have been debating for some time whether I should or shouldn`t write about my Satori experience. I decided  I should.

Satori comes from Zen Buddhism and literally means a flash of enlightenment. I am neither religious nor a Zen Buddhist.

Over the past year I have been contemplating a lot on the afterlife. I guess this comes with passing fifty. As a person I have had some strange experiences before, like being able to tell accurately an event in the future. Not big things but small ones.

One month ago, a typical  Thursday on the island, I was walking from my bedroom to the kitchen at about 3.30PM in the afternoon. I don`t remember passing through the doorway. All I knew was that I was transported into another dimension. What I remember most was the beautiful light, unlike our sunlight. I also remember vividly the energy coming out of the plants in my garden. Yes I was still on earth at my house but yet elsewhere. It was a very peaceful joyful experience that made me feel exhilarated and wide eyed. It was as if a dimension was superimposed on the one we know.

Next thing I knew I was moving towards my kitchen sink and my day went on as normal.

One thing that puzzled me greatly and still does is that I don`t where the time went. I have no recollection of time. It was as if time stood still.

My most recent accomplishment has been the completion of my book The God Equation- a fictional piece about a  mathematician`s search for the existence of God. God apparently exists but we are not sufficiently developed mathematically and scientifically to prove it. Readers will also be interested to know that there is now such a thing as the God Particle.

Having said all this, I would like to thank readers for taking time to come to this  site. I can be contacted at and my book which unfortunately does not chronicle my satori because it came after, can be located at

Thank you and God bless.