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Published:August 17th, 2009 15:18 EST
Born Again (part one)

Born Again (part one)

By Mark Frederic Jennings

John 10:27
27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: "

        ... and you`ll see why I put that quote in there after you read this. That was one of the best things about all this spiritual stuff that happened to me. The bible explains it all. But sort of like with symbols and metaphors and all that. Like in that quote above. That`s almost exactly like what happened to me when I was born again, put like metaphorically, that is. I was most definitely hearing his "voice," as Jesus puts it. The funny thing about it though was that it was coming through the radio, like I`ve mentioned previously.

  Which I know sounds really weird too, and it wasn`t really His voice either of course. It was some guy reading from the bible. But in my opinion, that`s probably as close as you can get to His voice anyway nowadays, if you know what I mean. So you see what I`m saying?

   Then when Jesus says, `... and I know them, ` that really applies to what happened to me as well. Because notice how He says know them. Which is different from us knowing Him, if you see what I mean. And in the bible too, we see that to know means like a really deep and intimate connection, like when a husband knows his wife. And after you read about my born again experience I think you`ll see what I mean. Jesus really came in and knew me, in the form of the Holy Spirit, that is. And then finally too, to finish up the metaphor and everything, I sure the heck have been following Him ever since.

  And I know what else you might be asking yourself as well. Why in the heck did it take like almost fifteen years or whatever for me to get born again after that baptism-like, out of body experience thing that happened at the Gas Station? Why did it take so long for the next piece in the puzzle to fall into place, as it were. What was God doing all that time? Well, I`ve got a couple pretty good answers for that too I think.

    For one thing, the bible teaches us that to God, a thousand years is like a day. Which would have to mean that fifteen years is probably only like a few minutes, I guess. I mean, you do the math if you want, but I think you get my point. And then the other point, and I recently heard a sermon that really helps explain this, but in a nutshell, God was probably all that time getting me ready to be born again.

   You see, when we are born again God is like saying, `... you`re mine.` And then this starts a whole big process, the bible explains, in which we are made into, new creatures in Christ.  And God promises that He, will see His work done in us,  and that No one can take us out of the Father`s hand.  And on and on. I could fill a page and a half with passages on this one.

    But my point is, He must of really, really wanted to make sure that it stuck once I was born again. Check The parable of the sower and the seed, too if you want. It`s in the book of Mathew. And that`s the one the guy giving the sermon I just mentioned used too. And according to that story, God must have just been very thoroughly getting my soil ready for his seed, so to speak. And that could be why it took so long too.

    And you can really see this when you look at what I was doing during most of that time, that fifteen years or so in between the events. Not too long after my out-of-body baptism then I finally figured out I should find a career in which helping people was like the primary focus, as they say. And this then lead me into the health-care field and I worked at several hospitals, first as a transporter, then as a nurse`s aid, and finally as a nurse. And now I work at Mercy Hospital here in San Diego. And talk about a place where the Lord might send someone to train them to be His servant!

    And the guy preaching that sermon I mentioned called it getting low for the Lord. Or, in other words, He will often put you at a place in this world where you are doing things other people can`t or wouldn`t want to do. BINGO!!! That`s nursing! And Mercy Hospital, where I`ve worked for the past ten years, is even more well-suited for this type of holy training, shall we call it, than most other hospitals. So many of our patients at Mercy are those whom society has turned its back on: the homeless, I.V. drug abusers, the severely psychologically impaired, end stage AIDS patients, Alzheimer`s victims, the uninsured, illegal aliens, gangbangers, you name it. And as a nurse there, I`m the one who cleans them up, who medicates them for pain, dresses their wounds, feeds and comforts them, washes their filthy feet, which I know Jesus is especially fond of, and then sometimes I even have to hold them and sedate them while they try to bite me and spit on me, and all kinds of crazy stuff like that.

    But so as you can see, Jesus was really getting me ready. And plus too, every patient`s room at Mercy Hospital has a crucifix up on the wall and there`s a huge statue of Jesus in the lobby and one of Mary too in the garden out front. And there`s even a huge cross too on top of the main building that`s  all lighted up at night. And we even used to have nuns running around all over the place, but not so much anymore now. I miss the nuns though. They were cool. Nuns are very soothing. To me anyway.

     And what else is interesting is that when I first got a job at Mercy I thought it was just because it was close to where I`d just moved. The condo over by Balboa Park. Which is only a couple miles away. But now I know better. Now I gotta believe I got a job there because Jesus got it for me. If you see what I mean. And talk about a reference!

     And now I`ll tell you about my born again experience. In the next installment...