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Published:August 24th, 2009 21:33 EST
Revelation:  Melting Faces

Revelation: Melting Faces

By Mark Frederic Jennings


Revelation 20

11And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. 12And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works

   " and well so I guess you had to kind of figure it wasn`t all gonna be puppy dogs and petunias, " I think Granny Clampett said on the Beverly Hillbillies " one time. Or maybe it was Uncle Jed. Or I might of even just thought it up myself right now. I come up with a good one like that now and then. I have my moments.

   But so my point is, that after a little while, some cold hard facts were starting to make themselves known to me, so to speak. Like I said, with that big time obsession the Lord had implanted me with I was learning a lot about the bible and Christian doctrine and all that stuff pretty fast. And from what I could tell, it was all well and good for me " better than that even " eternal joy and wonder serving the God who created me " probably flying through the universe like a comet... learning about everything " how to make a star " playing with the angels... streets made of gold... all that. Like I`m saying, what`s not to like about that. And plus too, it`s almost like guaranteed. Or as Jesus puts it, "None shall be taken from my hand."

   But then one day as I walked down one of the busier and more crowded streets in the city here, something funny was happening. All of a sudden I was having to look away from the faces of the people walking toward me. I`d look at them for just a second and then away, like one usually does just to be polite. But, like I said, I was having to look away. Because if I dared to look even a second longer their faces would burst out in flames and rapidly morph into images of torment. Their flesh would melt and their eyes would fill with terror before melting too. I`m not kidding! Kind of like in that movie about the girl who gets possessed by demons and sees something like that. Only I hadn`t seen that movie back then yet. Needless to say though, I stopped looking people in the face and got the heck off the boulevard and after a while it wasn`t doing it anymore. Thank goodness, as they say.

   And at the time I was pretty freaked out, as you might imagine. I hadn`t had any visions yet back then. And in fact, didn`t even know about them. So I didn`t know what to make of this sort of thing. Now I know it was probably something new God wanted to show me, another type of vision, one superimposed on reality or something. I`ve learned not to put anything past Him. Or it could have just been my mind playing tricks on me, I have to realize too. But one thing was for sure. This whole episode only more rapidly brought to the surface those cold hard facts I alluded to earlier, the fact that the melting faces I`d seen were probably like a pretty accurate depiction of the fate that could await so many people today, probably like about three out of every four, if not more. They would all be, "Cast into the burning Lake of Fire," as the bible puts it. You know, the whole hell and damnation scenario. "Wide is the path that leads to destruction," and all that. Melting faces allright. Melting everything.
   And like I`ve been trying to explain, I have to believe in the bible. I know its true. Like I`ve been saying like a hundred times now or whatever, it like totally predicts and explains all this whacky stuff that has happened to me. I`d have to be nuts not to believe it, like I`ve also said about a million times. And so then you gotta remember too, I was born again " at a very late age. 45 to be exact. And because of this, I know a lot of people who don`t know the Lord. Including my whole family. And most of my old high school buddies. The hard awful truth is I know and love a whole lotta people who are headed straight for the, "Bad," place, as us nicer Christians like to call it. A place where the melting happens.

   But then I gratefully learned about how some Christian theologians now believe that the whole idea of a tortuous and horrible forever awaiting those humans who simply are not smart enough... or lucky enough... or whatever enough to find the Lord is not biblically accurate. Well, that certainly was a relief. But at best, even they`ll admit, if you don`t come to Jesus, believe on Him as the risen son of God, and then obey His commandments, that you will suffer what the bible calls "the second death," a sort of eternal nothingness, as the title implies, as far I can figure out. Which, I think I can safely venture to say, is even acceptable to some unbelievers. When I first witnessed to my parents-- and witnessing is when you share how the Lord has come into your life and what it means-- my stepmother politely informed me that she would be quite happy to end up being nothing more than a puff of smoke coming out of the crematorium`s chimney, vaporizing into nothingness in the sky above. Well, according to this group of Christians, that just may be her destiny. And I personally find that much more believable as to what a kind and merciful God would do. Wouldn`t He be willing to allow all those who haven`t come to know Him, for whatever reason, a painless and quick end? Wouldn`t that be the merciful thing to do? And the bible teaches, even promises, that God, though, Just, " is infinitely merciful. So I am leaning towards this version of a destiny for unbelievers too. For what it`s worth, although it`s really not up to me now is it.
 So anyway, what I`m really holding out for is the hope that others will get the chance to meet Jesus just like I did... all these other friends and family who think I`ve gone coo coo. On a recent visit with my dad, he told me probably the only way Jesus could ever get his attention would be if He hit him over the head with a two by four. Which is pretty much what Jesus did to me. Heck, He hit me with a Mack truck!

   But so anyway, and my main point is, I hope Jesus is going to do that with everyone. At least the good people. And He can tell too who that is. He can look into our hearts, " the bible tells us. He can see the goodness in our hearts. And so then, hopefully, he`ll just pop in before they die and whack "em with a two by four, if that`s what it takes. Just like my old man. I pray for that all the time. Dear Jesus please whack my dad with a two by four. " Seriously!
But just in case, And this goes for my dad too, I`d probably start trying to find Him first, if I were you. I wouldn`t take any chances. And I`m hoping you`ll get that idea from reading this book. And maybe especially too from this vision I had. A vision of Judgment day. It went something like this...

   In this vision I was flying again. Like that time at the gas station, only different. This time I was higher up and like gliding, like an eagle sort of I guess. Well, as far as I know anyway. Haven`t hitched a ride on an eagle before. But I`m sure that`s what it might feel like if I had. What it felt like in this vision.
But I wasn`t an eagle. I was me. I knew because I could see myself in the vision too. I could see my face with the wind pushing my hair back and big black sunglasses covering my eyes. And boy was I smiling. Smiling and looking all around. Looking all  around and down.

   And what a view it was, being up that high like I was. And when I saw what was all around and down below, I was glad I had the sunglasses on. Because below stretched  a great desert wasteland, and the sand of it, as well as the sun so near too I`m sure, created a very bright environment. And although I felt no heat, it looked very hot there too. Very hot in a very large desert that stretched from horizon to horizon.

   Then I noticed next that there was a huge line of people that ran from horizon to horizon. Millions and millions, if not billions of  people... maybe more. The line was wide too... like at least twenty bodies across... and that was what the people in the lines looked like too... just bodies... body after body... almost lifeless and forlorn... which I could tell mostly just from their posture as they hopelessly trudged along with their shoulders slumped and their heads down, seemingly weighed down by their hooded black gown-like attire. The despondency and depression seemed to be coming up off of them in waves, and I could feel it somehow as I continued to, oh so blessedly, fly along above. Talk about waiting in line, was all I could think. The line from hell, as it were. Or maybe I should say, the line to Hell.

   Because then I noticed something rising up out of the desert ahead on the horizon... a mountain... twin-peaked and jutting up sharply in contrast to the great flatness everywhere else. I noticed then too I was flying right for it. It grew in size as I approached, and soon I could also see that there was more than just a mountain there. Smoke rose to its right, my left, and filled the sky there with a wispy grey and blackness. Then off to the left, my right, more mountains, purple and beautiful under a blue, cloud strewn sky stretched away into the distance. But the main mountain, the one in the middle, the one I`d first seen,  really caught my gaze now as I was getting closer and was able to discern what was there.

   The mountain itself seemed to be one huge slab of rock, like marble, jutting sharply high into the sky, but uncarved and dusty marble maybe, or marble covered in rock. Which I say because carved into the mountain`s face were two great throne seats of more polished and pure white marble. One could tell that they were all of the same huge, single piece of rock though. The whole twin-peaked mountain was one huge jutting piece of sharp and ragged rock.

But even more magnificent then were the two beings seated in the throne seats, both almost as big as the mountain itself. On the right, my left, sat a huge and strong, man-shaped giant who I knew immediately was God. His face was obscured in what looked like clouds though, but very localized ones just swirling about the great being above and around his shoulders. His face just couldn`t be seen. But his muscular body could, from neck to toe, and it all seemed made of stone also, strong, cut and hard like the marble itself, but flesh-like in color and texture. A loose but brilliantly white toga-like outfit comfortably hung on Him. Huge golden bracelets covered each wrist just above strong hands resting on the throne`s armrest ends. His equally mighty legs and feet wore calf-high, leather-like sandals. Though how many cattle it would have taken to make those, He only knew, if you know what I mean.

And to His left sat the other being that I have become somewhat familiar with, an equally large but almost ghost-like form of a giant Jesus that I have seen a few times since then in other visions too. 

   Then, as I continued to glide closer and closer to them I noticed ant-like activity among a group of normal-sized people at their feet.  I could see there a large stage-like area just in front of what may have been like a large dais where more normal sized people sat. Then before I knew it, I was gliding right overhead above the God and Jesus figures, and as I passed, the Giant Jesus waved me on by with a smile. Boy did that feel good. I caught just a quick glimpse of what I could only assume was the Lake of Fire burning back there way off to the left and nearly behind me now. All I`d ever gotten to see though were its great plumes of black smoke. Which was fine with me. I was just very gratefully relieved to realize I was headed in the opposite direction.

In which I continued on, still in gliding flight, into those purple mountains I`d seen before, away from the smoke. And in stark contrast to the smoke, on this side above the mountains, a blue sky stretched up and behind everything, into what seemed forever. I flew on through that blue and entered into the mountain range between a gap in their snowcapped peaks. And there, at the mouth of a beautiful pasture that stretched down in between the mountains, winding and filled with wildflowers, stood Jesus again, but now the normal-sized, flesh and blood version. He just stood there, beaming and smiling, standing in the knee high, tall grass, beckoning me in to what I knew had to be heaven just beyond him. I flew faster now, happily and toward him, and there, regretfully, the vision ended.

   And well, that was that. It`s just what I saw. And I know it`s probably not all that biblically accurate or anything, but that`s how I saw it. And it was different than just some ordinary old fantasy or daydream. I don`t know how to explain it. My dad thinks all this stuff is hallucinations. I just gotta figure out some way to prove to him that its real. Otherwise he might end up being one of those melting faces, you know? And so maybe now too you can understand why I keep talking about all this. And why I`m taking the time to write this book and all.

   And I`ve learned since then that it`s important not to think about things like this. I`ve learned that it`s important not to think about the things God isn`t doing. But no matter how hard I try, I can`t quite get the memory of them faces to go away. Them melting faces. I just can`t. Jesus forgive me...