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Published:September 29th, 2009 22:25 EST
Time to Stop Narrow Mindedness and Become More Evolved

Time to Stop Narrow Mindedness and Become More Evolved

By Roya Rohani Rad, MA, PsyD

I have news for you my dear friends  that may make you a little dazed.  No, our religion, our culture, our relationships, our ethnicity, our country, our mom`s cooking, our ". are not better than others.  We just think they are because our senses are used to them and perhaps we are more familiar with them. We are not this individual who has gotten especial attention by life because we are better.  We are not superior because of these external aspects of us. What makes us unique is what we have inside, something that lies within, something neglected most often but most precious.

Like any other person, there are some areas of life that we may have developed more functionality in, but again if we are not living in denial and if we have ever been courageous enough to walk out of our comfort zone and take some responsible risks, we probably have faced some big challenges, right in our face.   Sometimes, the higher we go up the self growth process, the bigger these challenges.  But, we may say they are worth it ".  

So, we need to stop comparing ourselves with others and continuously trying to manipulate our mind, there is a lot of work that still needs to be done  and only we can accomplish that.  If only we could keep our focus away from others, judging them, talking about them, trying to be like them, trying to get what they have, interfering with their life, finding some flaws, or on the other side of the spectrum idealizing them and having unreasonable expectations from them;  perhaps in an attempt to  make ourselves feel better  so that we can escape from this precious me ".  If only we turn the camera on us, accept it and start the digging process, we will know what it is about.  After all, this process goes all the way to infinity and walking a couple of miles down the road would not cut it.

We should stop for a minute and ask ourselves why is it that we spend a life time running away form ourselves and toward a state of nothingness.  Why is it that we have such a deep fear of ourselves. Why is it that we neglect the essence and spend so much time on the worthless.

We are not here to finish a degree and be rich, or have a little family of our own, even though all of these are great accomplishments which can help a sense of identity and responsibility if it helps our core rather than feed the selfish side of our ego.  We are, however, here to mature and develop emotionally, intellectually, mentally, and spiritually all of which go hand by hand.  If one is developed and others not, the balance will be jeopardized and sometimes even disastrous. 

Maybe that is why we see so much anxiety, manipulation, inner anger, depression, and simple ignorance these days, more than we should.  It is time to be honest about it and stop trying to deny the facts.  Some people estimate that we are at the peak of these issues and there comes a time that we all will get tired of these and will decide that we want to take a different route.  That is why an era of more awareness may be closer.  An awareness that helps close minds expand,  an era in which true inner compassion not a phony express comes to place.  An era where understanding replaces anger. An era in which there is no narrow thinking that one is better or superior because of certain ethnicity, culture, religion, or other outside factor etc. An era in which how you are valued is who you truly are not your external features.  

As we become deeper,  we see deeper,  as we become evolved, we see a more expanded picture.  Narrow mindedness is a disease that brings about destruction.  There comes a time when honesty is more valued than deceitfulness, when we become more advanced in the way we can see the intension behind the action rather than just seeing things superficially.  There comes a time when we see the baggage we`re carrying and decide, this one life I have been given, I better not walk it with so much extra/unneeded baggage since it is slowing down my walk.  

But first, we all have to make a collective decision to really try to see if there is something we`re missing.  Some way of thinking, believe, or behavior that is holding us back. When we get used to a comfort zone and feel indolent to move forward, our mind plays tricks on us.  We start a process of self talk and filtration to support our hypothesis that there is no need for me to step out or go higher.  Many times, we don`t walk out of the comfort zone because of the fear of unknown, rejection, uncertainty, etc.  Fear, when reasonable is needed for survival but unreasonable fear is such a waste.  It is time to see what your reason is and start the process.

My beauty is that I am all that I am

I am both shadow and light

I am both center and edge

When I go to the center, I feel steady

When I go to the edge, I feel unstable

I am what I am, good and bad

I have what I have, beauty and the beast

I go out, I come in, and wonder constantly

It is my destiny, to find what is within me

There is no end, it goes all the way to infinity

There is no mystery

It is me, within me

It is my boundary that keeps me steady

I am what I am, night and day

 Source for poem and ariticle: Roya Rohani Rad, MA, PsyD