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Published:October 27th, 2009 13:42 EST
Celebrity Scientologists Are A Curse On Humankind

Celebrity Scientologists Are A Curse On Humankind

By Robert Paul Reyes

Our society values fame more than education, achievement, integrity, and even money. Individuals who don`t possess any of these virtues will suffer indignities and humiliations to experience their 15 minutes of fame in a reality series.

Americans are persuaded that 15 minutes of fame is their birthright, and they feel cheated if at least once during their lives the cameras aren`t focused on them.

America is a post-modern society --we don`t believe in the Almighty, and we don`t venerate any saints. God is like an old coat in our closet that we don`t wear anymore. It`s too expensive to throw away, so we wear it once in a while for special occasions.

Celebrities are the saints that Americans love, respect and worship. Corporations aren`t blind to this fact, that`s why they use movie stars and superstar athletes as spokespersons, and not intellectuals or religious leaders.

The Church of Scientology wants to convert the whole world, that`s why this cult spares no effort to entice celebs to join their movement. The Scientology con artists know that if they win the celebrities, they win the hearts and minds of the American public.

Scientology operates Celebrity Centers in Hollywood, New York, London and Paris. These facilities are open to the general public, but they serve mostly celebrities from the realms of movies, sports and journalism.

Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Brandy, Mimi Rogers, Beck, Juliette Lewis, and Will Smith are just a few of the hapless celebrities that Scientology has managed to snare. These celebs are Pied Pipers and spokespersons for the devil, trying to brainwash regular folks into joining their insidious cult.

There is nothing scientific about Scientology; it`s a mismatch of science fiction, UFOs, fantasy, religion and psychology. Dear friends, don`t be fooled by these celebs, if you join Scientology they will steal your last dollar, and extinguish the light of your soul.