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Published:October 27th, 2009 17:45 EST
Touch My Heart With Mercy

Touch My Heart With Mercy

By Ignatius Fernandez

Sister Faustina Kowalska (Poland) was asked by Jesus, in His many apparitions to her (a detailed account of which was recorded in her diary), to proclaim to the world a new gift - an amnesty for humankind. He exhorted her to get people to appeal to the Father for mercy through His Passion and Death. He urged her to plead with people to enthrone His Divine Countenance, with the inscription `Jesus, I trust in thee`, and pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy.

"Mankind will not find peace until it turns with confidence to My Mercy", was the direction He set. Imploring His Mercy, Sister Faustina composed a core prayer to the Divine Mercy, which appears in a modified and expanded form.

                                         TOUCH MY HEART WITH MERCY


  -Touch my mind with your mercy, that I may think mercifully, and not let my pride, anger, selfishness     and self-will stop me from thinking compassionately of others.

  -Touch my heart with your mercy, that I may love unconditionally, and feel for others compassionately, and not let any animosity, ill will and lack of forgiveness affect my relationships.

  -Touch my eyes with your mercy, that I may see your mighty works and praise you. That I may look only at the goodness in others and not have eyes for their weaknesses.

  -Touch my ears with your mercy, that I may listen to your Holy Word and live it. That I may listen to the cares and trials of others and find ways to help them, and not have ears for slander, gossip and complaints against them.

  -Touch my lips with your mercy, that I may sing your praises now and always. That I may speak the truth with no fear of consequences. That I may speak kind and encouraging words to those around me, and not hurtful and accusing words.

  -Touch my hands with your mercy, that I may use them to serve others and write comforting words to those in distress.

  -Touch my feet with your mercy that I may go swiftly to those in trouble, and not look for excuses that would stop me from being of service.

Divine Mercy; make me an instrument of your mercy. Amen.