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Published:November 11th, 2009 19:27 EST
Vatican Aliens and the Resistance to Science

Vatican Aliens and the Resistance to Science

By Sean Beelzebul

Recently the Vatican held a five day conference for a huge discussion on whether or not the possible existence of life on other planets would change the theology of the church. Naturally, the Vatican rested on the old cop-out: life on other planets would still be part of God`s creation ".

Unfortunately, the Vatican seems to always be a generation or two behind the science they try to adopt. In the 80`s when Stephen Hawkings was developing global theories of the universe that presented data indicating a closed loop universe, without the same type of big bang as we understand it, the Vatican also held a conference, Hawkings was present. At this conference the Vatican had just decided that the Big Bang was the moment of creation " and that it was sinful to study anything beforehand, because that was God`s work ". This article will scrutinize this theology, and the laughable reaction to scientific discoveries caused by the people who believe this way.

The Vatican has been a historical nemesis to science. From the exploitation of South America to the persecution of Galileo to the political ties to Nazi Germany, the Vatican has always failed to understand the nature of reality.

All my articles up to the present have not been this specific in their charges against Pauline Christianity, and I do not mean to single out Catholicism. The Pauline doctrine persists in many other forms of Christianity as well. Yet, the arrogance of the Catholic Church is boldly apparent this week and explanation is needed. Perhaps the reason the Catholic Church is so slow to accept scientific change and paradigm shifts is because it takes considerable time to come up with theodicy and excuses for why science contradicts the tradition Pauline conception of the universe.

Theodicy such as God`s work at the moment of creation " or God works in mysterious ways " that answer usually moral dilemmas such as the existence of evil, also can be used to explain away cosmology, ontology and of course, science. If my readers have followed me up to the present, they should understand that dualist and anthropomorphic views of God created by St. Paul and the earliest renditions of the Catholic Church. They should not represent what Jesus really taught! If Vatican theodicy in the face of scientific discovery does not serve to explain the unknown, what purpose does it serve? I suppose, the answer would be arrogance. The ignorant and insistent mentality that defends what it does not know, that lies to cover up its mistakes and at its extreme even actively assaults humanity.

On side note, the fact that the Vatican would hold a conference on Aliens that took five days to complete is hilarious. If the answer was that aliens would still be part of God`s creation ", what took so long to debate and discuss? This is the Vatican`s answer to everything!