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Published:November 27th, 2009 20:18 EST
Woman Sees Jesus On Bottom Of Her Clothes Iron

Woman Sees Jesus On Bottom Of Her Clothes Iron

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Mary Jo Coady walked into her daughter`s bedroom Sunday afternoon and noticed a familiar image on the bottom of an iron sitting on the floor.

`I see his eyes, his nose, his whole face and I was like, `That`s Jesus looking at us,` Coady said.

The rust-colored residue on the bottom of the iron strikes a remarkable resemblance to Jesus Christ. For the 44-year-old secretary who was raised Catholic, the image reaffirmed her faith at a time when she has separated from her husband, had her hours cut at work, and moved out of a house she owned and started renting a home where she now lives with her two college-age daughters." Read More

Believers have claimed to have seen the image of Jesus on a slice of toast, a window pane, the side of a refrigerator, and on a prune. Images of Jesus on everyday items are a dime of dozen. If a lucky soul sees an image of adult star Jenna Jameson on a slice of toast -- that would be a real miracle.

But If I saw an image of Jenna Jameson on my dirty mirror, I wouldn`t interpret that as a sign that I was destined for fame and fortune in the adult industry. These schmucks who see an image that looks like Christ on a frying pan or a rolling pin, shouldn`t interpret that as a sign that Jesus is gonna bless the hell out of them.

If you see Jesus on the bottom of an iron, it`s a sign that you are too lazy too clean it properly. The image of Jesus on the bottom of an iron is nothing but grime and dirt. Maybe the real message is that Coady`s religious beliefs are nothing but garbage.

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