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Published:December 3rd, 2009 13:25 EST
In Defense of Religion Part III: Christianity

In Defense of Religion Part III: Christianity

By Sean Beelzebul

Anybody who has read my series from the Student Operated Press pertaining to St. Paul, and the series on Nihilism, will have had one of two reactions: 1) That I am a skeptical inquirer who jeopardizes the fabric of Abrahamic religion, and am to be hated and mocked on right wing and evangelical blogs, OR 2) That I have proved at least one point "that Christianity today, is not entirely what it was intended to be. This article will only briefly rehash the arguments of some of my prior articles. The article is designed to redeem Christianity of these errors.

St. Paul, or rather Saul was a persecutor of Christians and Christianity, who after an alleged vision, turned full circle and became Christian. One problem, he created his own form of Christianity in the process, defiled it, and disseminated on a large scale. While Christ was teaching select groups of Gnostics and other Essene (mystical Jewish sect) inspired groups, Saul, was playing double agent with the Pharisees and concocted a curse and a disease which we should call Pauline Christianity. Saul never quit being a persecutor, he created false doctrines which polluted the sea of Gnostic, Ethiopian and other scriptures. These scriptures "mainly Paul`s letters "established false dogmas of: 1) salvation through faith and 2) anthropomorphic zombie God, i.e. a version of Jesus which would have had to sleep with its mother in order to create itself, create itself to kill itself and kill itself to resurrect itself, if, of course this anthropomorphic deity was truly omniscient, omnipresent and omnibenevolent so-to-speak. What about the first error? I will briefly refute salvation through faith; if all one has to do in order to be saved, is to believe in the necromancy myth of Jesus, than I can do whatever I want, like possess all the uncontrollable emotions that the evangelical right possesses in their forums attempting to refute me. Thus, Christianity has been transformed into something other than what it was intended to be.

This article is still a defense of Christianity, it`s a defense from both the Pauline branches and the Atheists. Gnosticism means true Christianity in my critical religious lexicon. It should mean the same to you. The Gnostic texts outnumber those of the Canonized scripture, and follow a Buddhistic and Animistic course of nature. The mystical method employed in these scriptures paints a portrait of Jesus, a heroic healer of psychological problems caused by the Pharisees, a bringer of unparalleled wisdom, and a master of disguise who reappeared after his crucifixion, by no miracle other than Simon, the man who according to Matthew, Mark, and Luke bore the cross for a while ", and according to several Gnostic texts, got crucified in his stead. Lithargoel was one of Jesus` disguises in the Acts of Peter and the Twelve apostles. Peter could not even recognize him. I doubt the Extreme Pauline Christians can even comprehend this "Jesus was a man? Impossible! If only they could recognize their own savior!

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