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Published:December 3rd, 2009 16:00 EST
Unraveling Theodicy part I: God the Destroyer?

Unraveling Theodicy part I: God the Destroyer?

By Sean Beelzebul

A theodicy is a short religious explanation for the cause and or reason for evil in the world and how evil can persist despite there being an omni-benevolent God in our universe. The first part of this series will take, as example, the evil of a natural disaster ", and the theodicy of Satan in physical form causing the catastrophe. There is a theodicy for every variation of the evil, making many possible explanations. The first part of this essay will tackle the first and most common theodicy: that Satan has caused the calamity. The second part will describe animistic theology and how it explains the catastrophe from a rational perspective.

The problem with the theodicy of excusing God of the evil of catastrophe, by placing blame on Satan has to do with God`s attributes. He is classically defined as being omniscient (all knowing) omni-benevolent (all good) and omnipotent (all powerful). The omnipotent part is the problem; if God were all powerful why then would he not destroy Satan in the first place? Well, the reason is simple, omnipotent powers work in mysterious ways ". Say we inquire further; what are these mysterious ways ". We will likely get a response that places us back at the beginning of the argument (a circular tautology) such as he is omnipotent ". Let`s say this theodicy is truly accurate "it solves the problem of evil "then Satan has as much power or more than God. Satan can do whatever he wants, destroying the lives of millions upon millions just for his own pathological glee, while God just watches and allows it, enables it to happen, an enabler much like the German Populace which enabled Hitler (who Christians will might feel is close to Satan). Yes, God would then be a great evil himself, he would know how much suffering is occurring in his creation, and he would do nothing about it "thus not being omni-benevolent. So, essentially, this theodicy is truly false, for it violates one of the attributes of God and makes Satan equally powerful, which is impossible by definition! The next article will progress to the next theodicy, but first a word about catastrophe.

With, war, violence, earthquakes, hurricanes, famines and floods in the world, there truly is a great amount of suffering. Yet, all this suffering is still part of being human and the form of divinity in which I personally believe. If there is a God, it is animistic, and entwined with everything on earth. Animistic Gods are beyond good and evil, they are within everything to some extent, as a form of holy spirit or God force, not unlike Chakra, or Qi. Those that perform great evil in the world have improperly wielded energies, while those that do great good, have clear and refined understanding. This weltanschauung I speak of truly is a striving for power, but not the power to act or do harm as so many people ascribe to the power philosophies, but power as a unio-mystica with the divine, only this is the divine within. As for, natural disasters, YHWH is in each and every one of them, in each and every person and in each and every molecule that is dispersed and scattered across the entire globe. YHWH as the Kabalists and astrologers tell us "is beyond good and evil.