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Published:December 7th, 2009 21:56 EST
Catholic Church

Is the Catholic Church a force for good in the world? Part 4.

By Ignatius Fernandez

 Parts 1 and 2 covered the 10 allegations made by the debaters opposing the Church, and my explanations.

 Part 3 covered the contributions of the Catholic Church - the force for good in the world.
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 Catholic Church

Even among the 12 Jesus chose, were Judas, who betrayed Him, and Peter, who denied Him. Their sins only make the point that as humans, we are weak and prone to commit mistakes. Peter was not demoted because he denied Jesus. Instead, Jesus confirmed him as His successor on earth. By doing that Jesus made a point for all time:  when we repent, our sins are not just forgiven, but forgotten, as well.

In the Old Testament we have David and Solomon, to name two, whose record is not without blemish. But their repentance and reform made them beacons. In the New Testament, the Parable of the Prodigal Son comes to mind. The son who was lost was found. The son who was considered dead was alive.

There are many big names in America and other parts of the world that supported slavery and the repression of the dark-skinned. The fact that they erred in their judgement and were blinded by prejudice, does not take away the merit of their good deeds. There is reason to rejoice when the prodigal returns.

What baffles me and people like me, is the blinkered view of the detractors. History throws up cases of Bigots and Despots who eliminated millions of innocent people, not just from enemy ranks, but their own. These detractors make some noises and move on. But they refuse to forgive and recall with a vengeance some errors of Church leaders, although Popes have asked forgiveness of God and man. Double standards are appalling!

Two among the many who openly admire the Church are Peter Drucker and Lee Kuan Yew. Peter Drucker, as the Management world knows, is the most respected Management Specialist. He had studied many giant Corporations and marvelled at the way they performed. He also studied the Catholic Church and found her to be the best structured most orderly and edifying body. Lee Kuan Yew, former Prime Minister of Singapore, in his autobiography wrote that an Institution which has survived 2000 years and grown in strength and numbers should have great merit in it. With others they rejoice in the force for good in the Church.

Down the ages tyrants have tried to destroy the Church. The powerful Romans tried; so did King Henry VIII and his Empire. In Russia Stalin tried to decimate the Church; so did some of the Chinese leaders. Muslim leaders in some parts of the world are scheming to wipe out the Church. Now, Somali militants and Indian fanatics continue to terrorize the Church. Despite these rabid attempts, the Church has survived 2000 years. That cannot be said of those who plotted against her. She will survive millenniums and grow in strength because of her Divine face " the sacred face of Jesus Christ. No power on earth can deface that sacred Face. No power on earth can weaken the force for good that the Church is. Rejoice!