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Published:December 11th, 2009 09:33 EST

Pantheism: Something Satanists, Atheists and Agnostics Cannot Deny

By Sean Beelzebul

Pantheism is a form theistic ontology that ascribes being itself with divinity. Often deemed heretical by mainstream sects of sectarian religions, Pantheism is the belief in oneness "with everything. Mystics of every tradition have hinted of this connection with being and divinity. Spinoza, the great philosopher and mathematician purported this idea, as did Lao Tzu, the late period writings of Plato, Plotinus, and many others from antiquity until now. Some even cite Beethoven and Einstein as Pantheists ". In my own work, I have drawn conclusions from the mystical clues of both Eastern and Western traditions that indicate the religious leaders of most of these traditions probably supported varying forms of Pantheism. This article will focus a bit more on explaining what Pantheism is exactly.


Pantheism is similar and compatible with the animism of the Native Americans, which follows nature spirits and divinity within earthly realms. It is also related to some forms of Polytheism, such as the Babylonian and Greek worship of the stars, planets and seasonal variations of their transits. Pantheism put simple: God is everything.

To my readers with Witchcraft and Satanism on their minds: if the goal of Lucifer was to have God`s power, then this is really a metaphor for saying men and women can be God ". So, if God is everything, including humanity itself then man is also God, but only one small but significant voice, interpretation and manifestation of being within the multi-verse, the universe, the solar system down to mother earth. Satanism was supposed to be a rebellious form of pantheism that seeks to offend its opponents, through its imagery and inversion of mainstream Christian values. Other Pantheistic schools like the Taoists could care less about Christian imagery. The great Tao which is ineffable, indescribable, and yet within everything is beyond the Western devalued pantheistic God "what the West has done with their descriptions of the nature of being is the West`s problem so to speak.

To my readers with atheistic world views, to followers of Dawkins and his ilk: By targeting and refuting the circle which is the argument for an anthropomorphic God or in other words, a God with human attributes, outside of time and space, outside of the comfort of being, some have gone too far. Some atheists deny Pantheism too, while others don`t argue against it, but also do not try hard enough to replace the God which they just refuted with an ontologically superior replacement. This only solidifies the mindset of the theists, the atheists are trying to convert and makes them more stubborn. When ostentatious philosophers with fancy arguments against God, go on rants against theists and theology without replacing their refuted subject, nothing is really being achieved. I`m afraid the hard-nosed atheists are scaring away their own converts in droves.

As for Agnosticism, my own personal conclusion, I adopt this idea because of the question: what created being? When the Buddha was asked similar questions he would simply give no answer. Why? Because he did not know and if the Buddha had said being was created, he would be affirming eternalism, and if he had responded that being was uncreated he would have been affirming nihilism. Buddha, as the Buddhists know, took the middle path and ceased suffering.