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Published:January 2nd, 2010 13:29 EST
Islam: Religion Of Peace?

Islam: Religion Of Peace?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Islam, the religion of peace, sends its peace emissaries all over the world. The Muslim nations desire to share their benevolent creed with the heathen, and so it sends its missionaries to the the heathen West to introduce us to the tender mercies of Allah.

In Pakistan a Muslim suicide bomber drove onto a crowded field and detonated his explosive-laden automobile while thousands of spectators watched a volleyball match, including women and children. The death toll stands at 95, with hundreds more injured.

In Afghanistan a suicide bomber wearing an Afghan National Army uniform blew himself up at a US compound killing several American civilians.

In Denmark a Somali Muslim tried to kill the Danish artist whose drawing of the Prophet Mohammed sparked riots around the globe. Danish authorities say the Somali man has likes with Somali Islamist militants.

Here in America the underwear bomber tried to blow up a plane with 300 passengers.

It`s heartwarming that during this holiday season Islamists are propagating their message of love and peace.

OK, enough sarcasm! Islam is a blood-drenched religion, and it poses an existential threat to the West. We must not allow ourselves to be intimidated by the Muslim faithful. Very few Western newspapers reprinted the cartoons of the Danish artist, to show solidarity and support for the principle of free speech. In protest to the attempted assassination of the Danish cartoonist, Western publications should reprint the infamous cartoons.

The fascist Islamic countries are attempting to force the United Nations into adopting a binding international covenant against the "defamation of religions. This insidious covenant is a not very well disguised attempt to bring to the West the oppressive and undemocratic blasphemy laws found in most Muslim countries.

In a Muslim country my head would be chopped off for writing this article. If this covenant is adopted by the UN, I could be jailed here in America for stating the obvious: Islam is an abomination that treats women like chattel, and regards practitioners of other religions like infidel dogs.

I don`t believe in any sacred cows, and religion shouldn`t be exempt from criticism. I applaud my fellow liberals for blasting the intolerance of Christian fundamentalists, but I`m appalled by their cowardice for failing to criticize the more serious threat of Islam.

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