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Published:January 10th, 2010 19:41 EST
Hell: The Lake That Burns

Hell: The Lake That Burns

By Henry Ocansey

Is there anything more fearful than the thought of going to hell forever?  Hell is also called the lake of fire or the lake that burns with sulfur and brimstone. Where it will exist does not matter. The more important question is who goes there?  Several fulfilled Biblical prophecies prove that the Bible is not simply literature but there is a God who can actually predict future events, therefore what it says concerning hell is legitimate. Many Christians claim that anyone who is not saved by Christ is going to suffer in hell forever, however that certainly contradicts the merciful God in the Bible, who is full of mercy and grace. It does not even make sense to torment someone forever, considering people live up to about one hundred years. Is God that hateful or that vindictive that he cannot allow those who reject him to simply die?

The concept of eternal suffering in hell is one of several misunderstood teachings of the Bible. Of course there are those who completely dismiss the whole idea of hell altogether, but both points of view are incorrect because life, death, God, Satan and hell are all mentioned in the Bible and are all real. The Bible can be confusing but it does specifically state that only Satan, false prophets and the beast are kept alive in hell. Anyone else who ends up there will be killed by its fire.

In my book The Greatest Mystery Ever Told, I discuss the fact that God judges different people and different sins differently, and going to hell forever for most people will be like capital punishment for a parking violation. The capital punishment is reserved for those with capital crimes. Satan, false prophets and the beast all deliberately misled people away from the truth which leads to eternal life and their punishment reflects their horrendous crimes. The rest who God condemns are given a relatively merciful second death as stated in Revelation 20:14-15 and Revelation 21:8, and those last three chapters of the Bible answer several profound questions including the mystery of hell.