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Published:January 17th, 2010 22:00 EST
Pat Robertson`s Dehumanizing Remarks on the Haitian Earthquake

Pat Robertson`s Dehumanizing Remarks on the Haitian Earthquake

By Sean Beelzebul

Ultra-Conservative Televangelist Pat Robertson announced on his 700 Club " TV evangel show that Haitians essentially are reeling from the wrath of God for making a pact with the devil. Robertson stated that the Haitians, were under the heel of the French "and they got together and swore a pact to the devil, they said, "We will serve you if you`ll get us free from the French.` True story. And the devil said, "OK it`s a deal.` Ever since, they have been cursed by one thing after another. " Pat Robertson has taken anthropomorphism to a new level with this statement, and in his arrogance has only spawned more hatred.

First of all, Robertson`s claims are based upon the 1791 slave rebellion in Haiti, where Haitians allegedly made a pact with the devil to free themselves from French rule. Like the labor that was forced upon them, the Christian religion was forced upon the Haitians as well. If this famous pact took place, I laud the Haitians for making this pact with a deity that would bring fear to their captors, and for whom themselves would be an irrelevant fiction originally inherited by their captors.

Secondly, even Pat Robertson point was not a complete statement of blind hate and manipulation, and this alleged pact held weight, anthropomorphic conceptions of Satan are incredibly naïve. In earlier articles I discussed the problem of evil in the world, and came to the conclusion that if Satan was in charge of all the world`s natural catastrophe`s he would be more powerful than our God who never seems to stop him. Thus, Satan is not responsible for natural catastrophe and does not truly exist in this form.

Televangelist tent preachers like Pat Robertson send a message of hate and ignorance to the rest of the world. They may assuage their followers with their messages as they deflect guilt upon those that do not follow their own hateful ways. However, this process injures all parties it involves psychologically. A true Christian would find away to help the shattered land of Haiti, whether by donations, volunteer work or simply prayer.

Only a hate monger like Pat Robertson would say such ignorant and cruel things. If anything in this world is cursed it is certainly not Haiti, it is every word that leaves this caricature of a man named Pat Robertson`s mouth.