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Published:January 25th, 2010 10:42 EST
The Power of Faith and Prayer

The Power of Faith and Prayer

By Ron G Anselm


I think a lot of us have gone through difficult times in our lives where we have wondered why we are going through these hard times or have gone through some life changing event that has made us ask the question, why? "

     From my own personal experience, I have gone through many of these tough times and have gone through them alone without any family consoling me or any support group to talk to. I have wondered many times how did I ever get through some of these tough times alone? When I was younger, I was the type that thought I was basically bullet proof, that I could handle anything and everything by myself that came my way no matter how difficult the challenge was to overcome. I also learned that this is not true or the case by any means.

     When I was younger, I was never really the type to read the Bible or go to church. I have always believed in God but never really tried to learn more about him from reading the Bible or attending church. Over the years, I have learned that to have faith in God and to pray is the key to winning every one of life`s trials and challenges and the key to a happier life.

     I am not a religious fanatic or go to church every time the bells rings but I have learned to read the Bible and learned more about God in what scripture says and to go to church when I can. And as a result, I have learned to pray not just in difficult times but at any time and I have learned to trust in God`s word and promise that he had made for us and to have faith.

     In the past five years, I have gone through some times that probably would have made the average person say, I`m done and just give up. I didn`t. I prayed and had faith and as a result I have made it through those difficult times and am still going strong.

     I think learning to have faith and trust in God for me was not something that just happened over night. It took a lot of difficult times and for me to realize that in life, we need a higher power to not just give us hope but to have and trust in for any and everything in life that we face.

     Just in itself, going to church makes you feel good. I know whenever I was going through a difficult time when I would attend church the worry, pain anxiety or whatever I was feeling at the time disappeared and I felt hope and happiness while I was in church. Also, I have had a few things happen for the better in my life recently that had to be a higher power making those good things happens.  Also, some of the nicest and sincere people I have ever met have been the people that attend church.

     So, if you are like me, I had to learn to develop my faith in God and learn to strengthen my faith by going through tough times and trials. I have also learned that whatever doesn`t kill you will make you stronger and that God puts us through trials to test and strengthen our faith in him. Remember, he will never forsake you and what you are going through has already gone through him first. Learn to develop a relationship with God and pray.