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Published:January 26th, 2010 13:19 EST
Saying Goodbye to the Pay Phone

Evil Priest Shoplifts Butter And A Foam Mattress

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Rev. Steven Poole was arrested on charges of theft Friday.

Police arrested the 41-year-old priest at a Walmart, saying he had shoplifted butter and a sofa cover.

Poole is also accused of having a stolen laptop computer power pack in his possession." Read More

The felonious Father also stole a memory foam mattress.

I don`t know what is more deplorable in the sight of God, a priest who steals from Walmart, or one who patronizes the most evil corporation in the world.

I didn`t attend a seminary, in fact I never darken the door of a church, but even I know that one of the Ten Commandments is. "Thou shalt not steal."

As a priest Pool has a license to fleece his flock, it`s hard to understand why he felt compelled to shoplift.

But I think that shoplifting is the least of his problems. Butter, laptop, and a sofa cover? If I made out a list of things I wanted to shoplift, butter and a sofa cover wouldn`t even come to my mind.

"A foam mattress, butter, and a laptop - it looks like, unlike a lot of priests, Poole wanted to pleasure himself instead of molesting young boys.

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