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Published:January 27th, 2010 16:34 EST
President Of Pakistan Slaughters Goats To Appease Allah

President Of Pakistan Slaughters Goats To Appease Allah

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has a black goat slaughtered at his house almost every day to ward off `evil eyes` and protect him from "black magic," a newspaper reported Wednesday.

A spokesman for the president told the Dawn newspaper the goats were slaughtered as an act of Sadaqah -- meaning `voluntary charity` in Islam whereby one gives out money or the meat of a slaughtered animal to the poor to win Allah`s blessing and stave off misfortune." Reuters

The leader of a nuclear power believes in "evil eyes" and "black magic", let`s hope Zardari doesn`t drop a nuclear bomb on Mumbai because he believes that the President of India gave him the evil eye. 

Here we are at the dawn of the 21st century and the Pakistani President is slaughtering goats to appease an angry God. If PETA had a chapter in Islamabad, he wouldn`t be able to get way with sacrificing goats.

It`s disturbing that Zardari believes that the way to please Allah is by butchering goats, but it`s even more alarming that many Muslims are convinced that Allah is delighted with the slaughter of Western infidels. 

But the most frightening thing is that Bush and now Obama actually believe that Pakistan is our faithful ally against al Qaeda. 

It is ludicrous to trust any Muslim nation to be our ally against Islamic terrorism. Islam and extreme Islam is a distinction without any difference, we shouldn`t be making any pacts with Muslim countries who are committing to the destruction of Western society.

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