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Published:March 22nd, 2010 12:39 EST
tiger woods

Tiger Woods Shows Off His Buddhism Bracelet! What A Tool!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Although dressed in typically conservative fashion, Woods also wore a thin Buddhist bracelet, which he showed to Golf Channel viewers and said he would be wearing when he returned to golf at the U.S. Masters on April 8.

tiger woods`It`s Buddhist, it`s for protection and strength and I certainly need that,` he said, adding that he began wearing the bracelet before he went into rehabilitation and that he intends to wear it forever.

Woods raised his religion in his set-piece televised apology last month, though prior to the scandal he rarely mentioned it. Read More

The "Come to Jesus" moment is as familiar as apple pie to Americans, we`ve witnessed the spectacle of countless of politicians and celebs suddenly discover Jesus when they`re enveloped in a scandal. Jesus is a "Get out of jail free card", and a "honey, you have to forgive men now" appeal.

There`s also the "Allahu Akbar" moment, favored primarily by African Americans when they find themselves behind bars. Jesus can`t do anything for Tiger, the humble carpenter isn`t into golf and he`s not acquainted with any porn stars and cocktail waitresses. The disgraced golfer would never turn to Islam, Allah forbid, people might think he`s black.

That`s why the playboy golfer has turned to Buddhism during his crisis. I will never forgive Tiger for using the non-dogmatic and peaceful philosophy of Buddhism to shield himself from his detractors. I am a free-thinker who frequently criticizes and condemns organized regions, from Christianity to Islam.

But I don`t recall ever ridiculing Buddhism, I have no problems with its "live and let live" ideology. Evangelicals may festoon their cars with Christian bumper stickers, and wear T-shirts proclaiming their love for Jesus, but Buddhists aren`t inclined to cheapen their belief system is such an ostentatious manner.

By showing off his "Buddhism bracelet" (didn`t know there was such a thing) Tiger is insulting Buddhism, and insulting the intelligence of the viewers who won`t fall for such a cheap stunt.

Religion is the last refuge of the scoundrel, and Jesus, Buddha, the Prophet Mohammad, and Mother Earth must be steaming mad at Tiger`s chutzpah.

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