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Published:April 13th, 2010 16:57 EST
pope bendecit

House In Which Pope Benedict Was Born Vandalized!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The house in which Pope Benedict XVI was born in the southern Bavarian village of Marktl am Inn was vandalized overnight with an `obscene` phrase spray- painted above the main door, police said.

pope bendecitThe blue graffiti was discovered early today, Bavarian police said in a statement on their Web site. Authorities, who estimate the damage at 1,500 euros ($2,040), have painted over the text to cover it up. Police are searching for the person who vandalized the house.

`You can presume` the graffiti was related to the sex- abuse scandal linked to the Catholic Church in Germany, police spokesman Konrad Rutzinger said by phone from southern Germany. He declined to give details on the content."

I don`t condone vandalism, but nobody should be upset because the Pope`s childhood home was spray-painted with obscene phrases.

You can paint over graffiti, but it takes years of therapy for a victim of a pedophile to recover from the emotional scars. I don`t care what happens to Pope Benedict, my concern is only for the victims of the pedophile priests that Pope Benedict protected.

The phrases painted on the Pope`s home may have been obscene, but there is nothing more obscene and reprehensible than a Roman Catholic bigwig who protects predator priests.

The police should stop searching for the person who vandalized the house, and focus their attention on nabbing the priests who are still raping young boys.

The Pope seems to be blind to the anger that people, including many Roman Catholics, have against him and the other Roman Catholic clerics who protect pedophile priests.

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