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Published:May 4th, 2010 13:43 EST

UK Conservative Politician: Homosexuality Is The Work Of Demons

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Homosexuality is the work of demons, and can be cured by the power of prayer."

Such nonsense is frequently uttered by American televangelists, but this is a quote from, Phillipa Stroud, an influential member of the UK`s Conservative Party.


England is an enlightened post-Christian society and it`s unusual to hear religion-inspired lunacy from any politician, even the conservatives.

"High-flying Philippa Stroud is the Tory candidate tipped to win the Sutton and Cheam seat at the UK`s general election on Thursday.

As head of the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), a think tank set up by the former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, she is credited with shaping many of the party`s social policies, and founded a church that attempted to `cure` gay people by driving out their `demons` through prayer. Read More

Maybe demons do exist, because only an evil entity could inspire an intelligent and educated person to say such ignorant things about gays and lesbians.

By demonizing homosexuals it`s that much easier to deprive the oppressed minority of their civil rights. Stroud`s ugly and ignorant words are bound to inspire homophobia, and violence against gays.

Let`s hope that all the political parties in Britain will denounce Stroud`s deplorable words.

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