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Published:May 23rd, 2010 09:42 EST
ground zero

Outrage! Mosque To Be Built Near Ground Zero

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Outraged protesters are planning a massive rally to try to block plans to build a giant mosque near New York`s Ground Zero.

The mosque is part of a proposed 13-storey Muslim community centre, which will include a swimming pool, gym, theatre and sports facilities.

ground zero

The building, which was damaged by the fuselage of one of the hijacked planes, is at 45 Park Place - just two blocks from Ground Zero.

Construction is due to begin on September 11 next year - the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack. read more

I am rendered speechless by the insensitivity of the New York Muslim community. The plan to build a 13-story mosque near Ground Zero is an outrage and an insult to New Yorkers, and to all Americans.

This outrage only adds oil to the fire to the widespread belief that Muslims seek to take over Western countries including the United States.

A huge rally protesting this abomination has been scheduled for June 6, and I urge New Yorkers to flood Ground Zero to express their anger at the insensitivity and arrogance of Muslims, and at the cowardice and stupidity of government officials who approved this plan.

Germans would never allow a Nazi memorabilia shop to open next to Auschwitz, and New Yorkers shouldn`t allow this mosque to open anywhere near Ground Zero.

Ground Zero is a holy place, and it will speak volumes of our weakness as a nation, if we allow this temple of Satan to be be built on consecrated ground.

Islam is dedicated to the overthrow of America, and what will it say of our resolve to protect our liberty and to fight oppression if this evil plan to erect a mosque at Ground Zero comes to fruition?

The vast majority of Muslims worldwide, not just a fringe minority, believe in jihad to bring down democracies, and any other nations that aren`t enslaved by Islam. Please spare me the blather about Islam being a "religion of peace", we shouldn`t allow any Muslim organization to set up shop in Ground Zero.

This offense against commonsense and decency hasn`t been constructed yet, there is still time for Americans to make their voices heard. We simply can`t allow this monstrosity to mar Ground Zero. Wake up Americans!

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