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Published:June 3rd, 2010 15:14 EST
God's Love and Faith

God's Love and Faith

By SOP newswire2


My name is David K. Sumrell and I am here to tell you that I was close to being dead again, 3 months ago... I was on morphine, hurting, bleeding in my lung and not feeling like I had done anything or at least not enough in sharing the miraculous story of how God had taken the cancer out of my body in 2004.

After God took the cancer out of my body, there were 7 nods left in my lungs. I started bleeding in my lung about a year later

I was sure I was not going to be able to start my Walk a Cross, America, if I did not stop taking the morphine and allow God to continue what He had started. I needed to renew my faith back where it was suppose to be...all along.

On April 11, 2010, I started on Walk a Cross, America; I was just getting started when my doctors became real concerned about the bleeding in my lungs, because it was increasing the proteins in my kidneys...

Through this concern we talked about radiation options, standard and a specialized form called Stereotactic Radiation and is the latest advancements in radiation treatment.

The bleeding stopped after the first treatment. When I told my Dr. this news a couple days later, he became very excited. He told me my tumor was bigger than a quarter and had already shrunk more than half its size. We both were just about jumping on the floor, because he wasn`t sure from the beginning if the treatment would stop the bleeding. He and I were both excited.

I have had two more treatments since the tumor started shrinking and I feel so good. I am alive and feeling the Miracles from God. I believe God always welcomes and wants us to utilize the medical professionals, who also are given their gifts from Him...

On May 13th I completed a total of four treatments, each consisting of high doses of radiation delivered from eight different directions, one at a time with almost pinpoint accuracy into the tumor. It controls the depth and the amount of tissue`s being dosed with radiation, it saves a lot of potential damage to the body. I am sure it has limitations as to what it can be used for. I am very thankful it worked for me...and I thank God, for His mercy.

Source: The following is submitted by David K. Sumrell

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