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Published:June 15th, 2010 17:36 EST
Great Are Your Works O Lord!

Great Are Your Works O Lord!

By Ignatius Fernandez

 O Lord, how manifold are your works! In wisdom you have made them all!       Psalm 104:24

 My son organized a short holiday for the family at a Malaysian Resort, on one of the many islands that dot the South China Sea. We motored down from Singapore to the jetty where we would have to take a boat to the island. By the time we got there, the last speed boat for the night had left. Now, only a slow boat was available, which would take over three hours to get to the island. Reluctantly we boarded the slow boat. In about half an hour we chugged away from the city lights and were mid-ocean. Suddenly, the star spangled sky burst upon us.

With no moon, the sky was a luminescent black, cloudless and immense; only millions of stars twinkled. As I looked at the countless stars, I wondered why the Creator had so many of them; each with a name and purpose. To me, they seemed distant in space, and apparently without a purpose. Albert Einstein ruled out any random action by God, when he said that God does not play dice. He does not take chances. So, as the stars tumbled off His fingers and twirled into space, He gave each of them a reason to be there. I had seen star-filled skies before, but never one like this. The unforgettable sight was etched in my memory as I thanked God for putting us on the slow boat, and not on the speed-boat.

A visit to the Singapore Bird Park was a revelation of God`s creative genius. Those beautiful winged creatures in brilliant colors turned my thoughts to the Creator`s super-abundant ways. In our cities we see a few common birds. But in the Bird Park the variety is astonishing. One has feathers in red - different shades of red. Another, a splash of blue, a dash of green, a touch of red and a suggestion of yellow - all on the same coat.

Why this lavish brilliance? Why so many species? As they twittered and sang, the air was filled with a delightful din that composers would find difficult to set to music. They took off tree tops, soared effortlessly and dived with equal ease to alight on branches, with no fear of those watching in awe. Certainly, God does not do things on a small scale. As I left the Bird Park, I could not help praising God for His munificence.

At the Botanical Gardens Singapore, acres and acres of manicured grass enchant the eye. Millions of different plants, huge trees, each bearing a name, and row upon row of flowers in a riot of colors, tax superlatives for a description. Every forest, with plants unknown to man, continue to confound us. What do we say to such profuse generosity?

Who taught the spider to weave her web where insects are tangled, but not she? Who showed the bird how to build her nest? Who instructed bees to gather precious honey from willing flowers and unload their sweet cargo in hives? Researchers catalog more than 50,000 types of spiders, 2500 different mosquitoes and 1500 kinds of scorpions. (Source: Dangerous Creatures, by Angela Wilkes). Why this staggering variety, when a few would have served the purpose?

There is no architect who can build like Him; no sculptor who can chisel like Him; no designer who can pencil a better design; and no creator who can match His creativity. He stands alone in majestic splendor,
 unequaled in His array of works - a testimony to His greatness.

Closer home, when will we be truly grateful to Him for the wonderful body He has given us? No super computer can duplicate the brain. No high-tech robot can perform all the tasks that the human limbs can. No factory can match the highly refined and super-efficient digestive system. No camera can do what the human eye can. The heart beats non-stop for a life time - 60/70/80/90 years. Is there a man-made machine that can work trouble-free for that long? And we have all these, as gifts - at no charge.

Some people explain away all these wonders as manifestations of Nature. What is Nature? The Oxford Dictionary defines Nature as: the physical world, including plants, animals, the landscape and natural phenomenon, as opposed to things made by man. So, if all these things are not made by man, who else could have created them? It should have taken a super-intelligent, super-capable, super-abundant, and super-creative genius to put together what we see, hear, smell, touch, taste and enjoy! We call that Supreme Being, God, because He is the Source. M.R.Dettan points his finger in the direction we should look: It is good to worship God in Nature, if it leads us to worship the God of Nature. But proud man, smug in his assumed independence, will not genuflect in thanksgiving, choosing instead, to deny the existence of God, or at best, give Him another name - Intelligent Design. With the very gift that God gave him - free will - man chooses to rebel against Him. But God does not react because He is Infinitely Merciful. Wisely, man should not disregard His Infinite Justice, which is the other side of His Infinite Mercy.

Looking reverentially at His marvelous works, my finite mind cannot comprehend the mystery that surrounds me. I can only conclude with the Psalmist:
 When I look at your heavens,
 the work of your fingers,
 the moon and the stars that
 you have established;
 what are human beings that you
 are mindful of them,
 mortals that you care for them?   Psalm 8:3-4.