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Published:August 1st, 2010 09:36 EST

Baptism Disaster: Priest Drowns Baby

By Robert Paul Reyes


"POLICE are investigating the death of baby boy who drowned in front of his parents when a baptism in Moldova went horribly wrong.

Six week-old Laurentiu Gaydeu was dipped under the water three times as 20 members of his family looked on proudly, Pravda reported today.

priestHowever, the holy ceremony turned to horror when the priest forgot to cover the youngster`s mouth as he submerged him." Read More

It is nothing short of child abuse for parents to brainwash their children into adopting their religion. Baptizing a baby is the epitome of spiritual ignorance, an infant doesn`t know the difference between the sacraments and his droopy diapers.

I doubt that the priest intentionally killed the baby boy, the minister wouldn`t snuff out the life of a baby boy who will grow up to be a male child that he can molest.

The priest should be convicted of manslaughter, couldn`t the idiot have sprinkled water on the baby instead of submerging him in water?

The parents should be charged with child abuse for allowing the nitwit priest to drown their baby.

If this story doesn`t make you turn against religion, nothing will and there`s no hope for you.

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