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Published:September 3rd, 2010 11:31 EST
cell phone

Crazy Canadian Cleric Blesses Congregation's Cell Phones

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Canadian Anglican reverend is asking parishioners to bring in their cellphones and other technological gadgets to receive a special blessing.

Rev. Lisa Vaughn of the Anglican parish of St. Timothy, near Halifax, Nova Scotia, said the gadget blessing is a means of attracting more people to church amid a nationwide decline in attendance, the Globe and Mail reported Thursday." UPI

cell phone

Christians are deserting churches in Canada and America because religion doesn`t have any relevance or meaning in their lives. They witness the spectacle of televangelists hawking prayer clothes and other religious trinkets, and they ask themselves, "Why go to church?"

A cheap gimmick isn`t going to inspire the faithful to return to church. I can understand a worship service to bless cats and dogs, but a mobile phone blessing is just making a mockery of religion.

The Rev. Vaughn should leave it to hardnosed commentators to mock the superficiality of the world`s major religions. We don`t need any help, from the likes of her, to lay bare the silliness of organized religion.

Cell phones and other technological gizmos are the invention of Satan; we are too busy interfacing with these devices to pay attention to our loved ones.

Instead of blessing the evil machines the good reverend should hold a bonfire ceremony and burn them.

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