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Published:September 17th, 2010 13:39 EST

OMG! Middle School Children Pray To Allah On Field Trip To Mosque!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Massachusetts school district has apologized to parents after a group of schoolchildren participated in midday of Muslim prayers during a field trip to a Boston-area mosque.

The incident occurred in May when a social studies class from Wellesley Middle School toured the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, one of the largest mosques in the Northeast.


Parents were told their children would be learning about the architecture of a mosque and they would be allowed to observe a prayer service. But the students wound up being given a lecture on the Prophet Muhammad, and some boys participated in a midday prayer service.

The field trip was videotaped by a parent whose child was on the trip. At one point, the video shows a spokeswoman for the mosque telling students, `You have to believe in Allah, and Allah is the one God, the only one worthy of worship, all forgiving, all merciful.`"

An apology isn`t enough, the principal of the school, and the teacher who accompanied the students to the mosque should be fired.

This is an horrendous breach of the separation of church and state, it`s one thing to learn about the architecture of a mosque, and quite another to observe a prayer service.

The school district should never have approved a field trip that included observation of a prayer service. Not only did the children observe a prayer service, but some of the male students participated in the midday service.

At that point the teacher should have spoken up, and not permitted the mosque leaders to force the students to pray to Allah.

If a school went on a field trip to an evangelical mega church and the pastor admonished the students, "Jesus Christ is the only way to God, you must trust him as your Savior.", liberals would be up in arms.

I beseech my fellow progressives to speak out against this egregious transgression, we must always be vigilant in standing up for the sacred doctrine of the separation of church and state.

Thank God (Allah, the Great Spaghetti Bowl in the Sky) for YouTube. Watch in horror as innocent minds are indoctrinated in the blood-drenched religion of Islam.

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