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Published:September 19th, 2010 10:38 EST

Thousands Protest The Pope's UK Visit

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Pope Benedict faced the biggest protest of his 17 trips abroad on Saturday when more than 10,000 people marched in London attacking his treatment of the abuse scandal in the Church, women priests and homosexuality.

popeSome of the demonstrators were dressed in costumes, including black leather nuns` habits and red cardinals` robes. Posters bore the message: `Pope Go Home.`

The loudest and most colourful was on Saturday when secularists, atheists, pro-gay groups and human rights campaigners joined forces in a Protest the Pope march from Hyde Park Corner to Downing Street, the prime minister`s residence. Read More

Britain is a post-Christian secular state, and it`s an affront to decency and democracy that the head of the Neanderthal Roman Catholic Church would dare come to the UK.

The Pope doesn`t deserve all the trappings of a head of state; he`s the egomaniac who rules over one of the most evil organizations on the face of the Earth.

A holy congregation of women activists, atheists, and gay rights groups showed their displeasure at the pontiff`s state visit.

People of conscience shouldn`t refrain from ridiculing a religious leader; in fact it`s a moral imperative for good folks to criticize tyrannical religious leaders. Jesus Christ harshly condemned the hypocrital Pharisees

We should follow the excellent example of the Brits, and show the pope no mercy the next time he visits America.

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