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Published:January 16th, 2007 10:02 EST
Offsetting Your Carbons' Emissions

Offsetting Your Carbons' Emissions

By Inactive Writer

Knowing that we are part of the blame for the planet`s situation, it is increasing the amount of people trying to compensate their actions. Offsetting the greenhouse gases emissions, such as carbon dioxide, seems to be the perfect alternative.

The climate changes we are seeing happening and affecting us everyday are finally starting to get people involved, willing even to help with money to plant trees or invest in programs to develop renewable energy sources. Germany World Cup gave us the greatest example, in 2006.

The project called Green Goal was a successful government initiative to ensure that the event would have little or no impact on the environment. Renewable sources of energies were used and rainwater was not wasted. The German government has also helped Indian communities build biogas generators as a source of clean energy " and we had the first neutral in carbon emissions` World Cup.

The French travel agency Voyageurs du Monde has decided to work towards the same goal and every customer who purchases a flight ticket is encouraged to offset its emissions. According to the organization CO2 Solidaire, a round-trip Paris-New York, for example, sends more than two, 94 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere, per passenger; more than a one-year car average usage does. Seventy-one EUR are enough to make yourself less guilty for the damage your NY-Paris trip caused to the Earth. The money gathered is invested in plantation of trees and in clean energy technologies sources, such as folic and solar.

In the United States, Dell announced last week a carbon neutral initiative called Plant a Tree For Me " to offset emissions associated with electricity, in which customers can make donations to be used by the nonprofitable organizations, The Conservation Fund and`s guiding principle is to use as less energy as you can, Reduce what you can, and offset what you can`t. " The website also gives you saving energy tips to start helping the planet.

The carbon offsetting is proving to be good, not only for the environment, but also, great for companies. Showing they are worried about climate changes and global warming, for example, and not only worried with making money, companies are well known by the customers and the competitors, which can also motivate others to do the same.

This article was contributed by a writer who is no longer affiliated with theSOP.