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Published:December 21st, 2007 06:29 EST


By Subash Lamichhane

When everyone is lost in the world of slumber, he is out there staring into the darkness. He holds his head high and his eyes are dazzled with millions of stars that shine for him. He tries to figure out the number of stars but his head gets very heavy at times. His chin falls to rest on his chest and there he will remain motionless silent. A serious thought run through his head. He closes his eyes, touches his soft cheeks with the fingers, and leans against the wall...

He is mesmerized with the view he sees almost every night. As the tiresome day conceals itself into veil, he remains awake. He gazes at those distance stars twinkling so bright. He tries to widen his eyes so that he could sight all the stars in view. He feels that he doesn’t belong here and that he belongs to the stars. His love for distance objects is ever growing. Even in the cold nights that try to freeze him while trembling, he keeps looking up at the wonders of the heaven.

He has a dream. He is full of energy. He thinks he can find out the mysteries that haven’t yet been revealed. He puts up his brain for work when everybody else is laying to rest. He has been to different worlds, Galaxies, stars…And he is searching for more. He is very much troubled at times. His heart is very troubled by the mysteries of the nature.  He has been holding a dream in his heart. Sometimes he doesn’t even miss to make a wish when stars are falling with great speed and in vain, they disappear. What if the stars running in vain make his wish come true?

Consoling a young heart is one of the most difficult things to do. When your heart is as enthusiastic as your brain there is no way that he will ever be able to give up his dreams. Those stars now shine to him on a bright sunny day in front of his eyes. He feels that he can feel their dim, comforting and peaceful rays in his heart. He opens his eyes and blinks. The page of books has been accompanying him for so long. He is searching for more truth, more knowledge, more wisdom, more faith, more devotion and he eyes are struck on the verse that says,” Ask, and you will be given, search and you will find, knock, and the door will open for you..” He promises his heart that he will never stop searching the realities and his promise to world will never go in vain. He promises his dream that he will keep on dreaming.

Venus is shining bright as always and there are a few shooting stars. He closes his eyes to make a wish. He joins his hands, rests them on his chest, he rest his chin, and utters some words through his heart…Let my dreams come alive…!