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Published:January 26th, 2008 04:05 EST

67-year-old American billionaire is believed to have launched himself into space

By SOP newswire

A 67-year-old American billionaire is believed to have become the first person to have launched himself into space using only a home-made rocket and without the assistance of any major space agency it was reported by the SFTR last week. The incident, which occurred December 2007 has sparked a major investigation by NASA and the Department of Defense, who have subsequently treated the matter as a 'serious incident' and a major breach of National Security.

Dr Neil Abraham, a self-made billionaire originally from Oregon, is believed to have conceived and financed not just the construction of an advanced space-vehicle, but also an entire space-program and launch facility based in a remote area of southern Greenland.

Despite over a month having elapsed since Dr Abraham succesfully departed Earth, no word has yet been given in regards to his current whereabouts, with many people now fearing he couldn't have survived without proper life-support systems. While the media has largely stayed clear from the story fearing a hoax, the Department of Defense has confused the issue by releasing a statement describing a joint FSKS/NSA operation to retrieve data from Dr Abraham's Washington residence, apparently including a detailed blue-print of fifteen space-vehicles each around 30 meters tall.

Interestingly, Chinese Central Television reported only days before Christmas a complaint made by the Chinese Government in regards to 'un-scheduled rocket launches' from a facility in the Atlantic - one of which is apparently 'being successfully tracked' and has been un-officially labelled FENOA.

Dr Abraham leaves a wife and a 29-year old daughter.