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Published:June 17th, 2008 11:07 EST
NASA Increase Expendable Launch Vehicles Help Contract

NASA Increase Expendable Launch Vehicles Help Contract

By Garrett Godwin

NASA has awarded Analex Corporation of Fairfax, Va. ELVIS.  No, not the King of Rock and Roll because for the last time, he is dead.  This is an optional award called the Expendable Launch Vehicles Integrated Support, a hybrid performance-based, cost-plus-award-fee, and fixed-price indefinite-delivery contract that has a contract up until September 30, 2011 -- with an estimated potential value of $90 million.

Analex is now performing work that is under the contract`s first-option period, a three-year option that ends late September of next year.  If the options are in effect, the potential contact period could be almost a decade with the total approximate amount of $258 million.

The contract will provide integrated aid in business and administration, safety and mission assurance. Engineering, and technical, facility, and launch operations.  Launch vehicles consist of the Atlas, Delta, Pegasus, Taurus, and Falcon rockets.  The contract will also featured engineering services and analyses, communications, telemetry, special studies, and technical services for ground and flight expendable launch systems and payloads. 

Services will be given at NASA`s Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, Vanderberg Air Force Base in California, several more launch sites, and NASA resident offices.

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