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Published:August 26th, 2008 12:24 EST
Scientist Buys Previously Unknown Insect On eBay

Scientist Buys Previously Unknown Insect On eBay

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A scientist who bought a fossilised insect on the web auction site eBay for £20 has discovered that it belongs to a previously unknown species of aphid.

Dr Richard Harrington, vice-president of the UK`s Royal Entomological Society, bought the fossil from an individual in Lithuania.

He then sent it off to an aphid expert in Denmark, who confirmed the insect was a new species, now extinct."

BBC News:

Entomologists often go to exotic locales, like the Amazon rain forest, in search of new species of insects. But a lucky scientist bought a fossilized insect on eBay that turned out to be a previously unknown species of aphid.

There must be dozens of entomologists, knee deep in mud in remote parts of the world, who are green with envy.

The insect was named after Harrington, but I wouldn`t want my legacy to be a bug named after me.

Maybe I should buy that toast on eBay with the image of the Virgin Mary, and send it to the Vatican for confirmation. Who knows the Holy See might declare that it`s a genuine miracle. If the Vatican declares it`s a fraud, I could always slap some butter on it, and eat it with my morning coffee.

I`d better cut this essay short; I`m going hunting for treasure on eBay.