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Published:November 16th, 2008 20:21 EST
Intelligent Design

Simple Necessity or Intelligent Design?

By Clinton Van Inman

When gazing at the complexities and dynamics of life one is often overwhelmed by the greatest of mysteries: is everything a product of design, meaning that someone holds the blueprint somewhere and that this design is some form of architecture established prior to the life forms themselves, or is everything ruled by simple necessity dominated by the laws of physics?

Intelligent Design


 Design or necessity is one of the major philosophical debates of our time and can be resolved by examining the basic blueprint, or morphological structure of all life itself.  I don`t like the idea of a blueprint because it presupposes a dichotomy between the life and morphology.  The blueprint of life is generic residing in the species themselves and resulted from variation and adaptation.  Not only is all life on this planet built upon the same chemistry, the same DNA structure, but a similar morphology, the basic blueprint or architecture, as well.


 A sea squirt and the lancelet are believed to be the first relatives of all vertebrates.  Sea squirts are little polyps that spend most of their time attached to rocks in the sea and filter water to capture food particles.  But during its larvae stage it looks very much like a tadpole and swims to find a fitting place to attach itself.  A very prosaic start for the first vertebrates!  Yet this tadpole stage displays all the physical features and morphological structure of almost every living thing.  Its morphological structure is determined not by some inexorable blueprint separated from sea squirt, but is determined by simple necessity and common sense.  Its mouth is in the front simply because this machinery works better in the front merely for obtaining food.  From the mouth, to the head, to brains being in the front of the body makes good sense, as most living things display cephalic features.  This is determined not by providence, but by simple utility and physics.  Every feature of the sea squirt can be simply deduced to simple necessity in this manner from simple fins and tails to complex dimorphic structures.


This is universal as all the complexities and dynamics of living things can be traced back to simple mechanisms and aspects designed through necessity and the laws of physics.  There is no grand plan only the simple laws of physics. Why do we have two eyes?  Why not one or three?  You may think of many different reasons from the simple to the bizarre, but we have two eyes because of the simple laws of physics, and in this case because of parallax, so we can perceive depth.  The real question is: if there is life elsewhere in the universe is being dimorphic and cephalic universal? If the blueprint of life is ruled by simple physics then I believe our blueprint of life should be universal, though there is a good probability that some somewhere, but unlikely. creature resembling a Cyclops may turn up