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Published:November 20th, 2008 10:03 EST
Are you familiar with casimir effect?

Are you familiar with casimir effect?

By SOP newswire2

Space craft are using drive based on Casimir plates which allows for travel into a 5th dimension and effects their angle with respect to the 4th dimension time! from our perspective time dialations and seemingly impossible acceleration is really just submurging below surface of normal space.

Are you familiar with casimir effect? 2 very closely spaced metal plates are compressed together by virtual particles discovered by Casimir Polder in 1948 and finally proven in 1991. Science has long sought a way for metal to do the reverse and move virtual particles such that we could build a propellentless space craft. I have been working on a theory to explain claims of BlackLight Power in NJ by Dr Randall Mills.

My solution suggests that his so called "hydrinos" are actually semi interdimensional molecules where the atoms formed covalent bonds while between casimir plates -these plates are formed by cavities known to exist inside the type of catalyst he is using (Rayney Nickel) wikipedia list cavity size avg 2 nm about the width of 10 atoms. The atoms enter the plates and find lower dimensional confinement - spreading out into the 4th dimension they will appear to get smaller from our perspective but are actually just twisted into an orientation protruding deeper into the 4th dimension, these atoms will normally resurface to full size on exiting the field and no one is the wiser.

If however they form a molecular bond while still in between the plates the bond will fix the atoms into this twisted orientation and a smaller appearing semi interdimensional molecule will emerge from the plates. These "hydrinos" will have exotic properties and be able to interact with virtual particles. If these molecules are pumped thru a coil in 1 direction and circulated it will produce propellantless drive! such a drive system would also account for the difficulty tracking and pursuing ufo beause the craft now has the inherent capability of clawing into the 4th dimension 90 degrees from normal space - a nearby ufo that appears to be moving away from the witness may actually be submerging into this extra dimension and you are just looking at the floating image on the surface - or a pursuing aircraft overflys the "window" where it submerged because it looks like it is 1 mile away and thw aircraft obviously can`t submerge or make the 90 turn from normal space without a hydrino drive. I have an animation here

The time dialation effect could be supported by the crafts need for secrecy and our inability to capture hard evidence. if the craft alows for time travel the occupants must not effect the time line in any way at the peril of changing their past. they are here to captre historical data and would likely seek out unsecured rural wifi to access the internet.