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Published:December 17th, 2008 12:00 EST
Antipodes: Where are they?

Antipodes: Where are they?

By Clinton Van Inman



Try this little experiment.  Find a globe of the Earth and touch any land surface.  Then find the antipodes (the opposite side of the globe).  Try this several times to prove to yourself that wherever you touch land the antipodes will never be land, but always a body of water.  Try to find a place on the globe where the antipodes are land and land.  I bet you can`t.  Even if you try the poles these are also land and water as the Antarctica is a continent and the North Pole is just frozen water.  Is this a coincidence or is there a reason for this?


Granted that the Earth is not a perfect sphere or shaped like the table top globes (The Earth is an oblate spheroid, which means it is wider at the equator than at the poles.  In fact the Earth looks more like a pear, exactly what Columbus believed, yet the land/water antipodes generally holds true and a logical explanation for this should be in order. 


My fundamental hypothesis is that convection alone can not explain plate tectonics, the force behind why continents move. Imagine a rotating ball with a gob of grease stuck on it.  This gob of grease if unchanged will create a wobble in the ball`s rotation.  The grease will expand and spread out due to centripetal forces in order to seek balance equilibrium. Eventually the antipodes on the ball will be the same as the Earth as you can not find grease, grease.


I have researched geology books to see if my hypothesis is valid and can find very little.  I stumbled upon a curious fact in Richard Fortey`s book, EARTH.  It is interesting that the tallest mountain and the deepest depth are of the same order of magnitude, with mean sea level providing the zero calibration.  This may not be a coincidence.  He is referring to the fact that Mount Everest can be turned upside down and would fit into the Challenger Deep in the ocean.  It seems that curious coincidences about the Earth can be explained by the Earth seeking counterbalance.  I believe that the antipodes can be explained in such a manner.  If you have another opinion please email me.