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Published:January 30th, 2009 17:10 EST
Asteroid Has Close Encounter With Earth

Asteroid Has Close Encounter With Earth

By Robert Paul Reyes

It`s impossible for the average citizen not to be aware about global warming, overpopulation, pollution and other threats to our little blue planet.

But there are other more esoteric dangers lurking out there. The Large Hadron Collider is scheduled to be turned on sometime in the summer, and some respected physicists warn that it may unleash a baby black hole that will gobble up the Earth.

Some geologists warn that Yellowstone`s super volcano may be ready to blow up, and destroy civilization.

With the advent of the Internet regular persons can read scientific journals online and find out about the latest threats to humankind.

Today I found out that an asteroid passed within a few hundred thousand miles of Earth on Jan, 26, 2009:

"Meanwhile, newbie asteroid 2009 BD is expected to pass within 400,000 miles of Earth today (Jan 26). The relatively small rock is not a threat to Earth, but is a rather odd specimen in that its orbit appears to be nearly the same as Earth`s! Predictions have been made as to where this asteroid will wander, and it has been determined that 2009 BD will remain within 9.3 million miles of Earth through at least November, 2010."

I`m relieved that asteroids are given innocuous sounding names, it may have caused a panic if asteroid 2009 BD had been named Asteroid Deathworm 666.

It worries me that this asteroid is going to linger in the vicinity of Earth until 2010. I think I`m going to spend less time reading scientific journals and more time searching for Britney Spears pics.