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Published:February 16th, 2009 18:32 EST
Texas Fireball: Meteor, Satellite Debris Or UFO?

Texas Fireball: Meteor, Satellite Debris Or UFO?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The video, captured by an Austin news photographer during a marathon Sunday morning, shows some sort of unidentified object coming down and sending off sparks.

Initial speculation suggested the Texas fireball may have been some sort of small aircraft crashing. Then, FAA statements quoted in early news stories said the object could be debris from last week`s satellite crash in space.

The U.S. Strategic Command, however, now says the fireball had `no relation` to the satellite crash."

If it`s not debris from the satellite crash, what could it be?

NASA scientists are speculating it might be a meteor crashing to Earth, but what does an average person like you my faithful reader think? I`d rather hear from a normal person, and not a bureaucrat who can`t release a one sentence press release unless it`s been vetted by an army of lawyers and public relations experts.

This video is frightening, and I hope we get a definitive answer from NASA.

I have done my best to debunk the belief that our little planet is visited on20an almost daily basis by extraterrestrial crafts, but maybe I`m wrong. This video might depict a UFO crash, maybe an alien space commander took his hands (paws?) off the controls to scratch his butt and crashed into another flying saucer.

It could be a psychic manifestation of Britn*y Spears train wreck career.

Watch the video and send me your thoughts.