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Published:March 15th, 2009 19:32 EST
Would Darwin Read the Koran?

Would Darwin Read the Koran?

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

UNESCO proclaimed this year as The year of Darwin ". This renewed the fight between the so-called Muslims and the so-called scientists, as they suppose the Koran and Darwin`s Theory of evolution are contrary to one another. Actually, the Koran states, we have started all life from water, from a single cell, giving no details and leaving the details to be discovered by science.

The Koran fully supports science. It says, Those who know science, understand this book better.  There is no conflict between the Koran and Darwin`s Theory of evolution, they complete one another. Conflict is in the head of those who misunderstand the Koran and Darwin.

Prof. Buckminster Fuller says in his book, "Utopia and Oblivion", that in the universe and life on earth, all entities co-exist with their counterparts: the nucleus of the atom which is positive loaded co-exists with the negative loaded electrons; life and death; movement and stillness, light and darkness; male and female; materia and anti-materia; are but a few examples.


God`s creation of life and the religious explanation of creation also co-exists with the scientific explanation of life and evolution. God`s books have come to mankind within the context of man`s culture and civilisation and his capacity to comprehend concepts. True, God`s books foretell events that will happen in the future, but even those are told with reservation and respect to man`s understanding at the time when these books came.


the Koran says, "Now, mankind is crossing the oceans with big ships. In the future, mankind will cross the oceans in other kinds of ships not naming airplanes as this would be totally incomprehensible for people then and people would not believe Mohammed and the Koran, if they heard that people will fly in the sky, in the future."


For similar reasons probably, the theory of evolution is not mentioned in the Koran. In any case, it is the job of science to discover the laws of nature in detail. The Koran is not a book of science, it is a guidebook for mankind, sent by God, outlining the most important and relevant knowledge mankind has right to know in his plight, in his life.


For those who have suspicions if there is God, one can always point out the magnificent order in life and the universe, which we, with our sciences have only been able to scratch a bit since the time of Immanuel Kant. If there were no order in life and the universe, and if everything was in a disorder and in a haphazard condition, we could say that life and universe were the consequences of a series of coincidences. But, as our sciences also prove, we live amidst an incredible network of order in life and the universe, structured with superb knowledge. This points out to a Creator. Dr. Harald Blomberg says in his book, Helande Livet, to expect that life is a consequence of co-incidents, is like tossing a coin a trillion times and expecting that each time the same side will come up!


God`s prophets and books also confirm the existence of God. . And also the miracles we experience in our lives confirm the existence of an almighty God.


Einstein said: Religion without science is blindness; science without religion is shear paralysis.


Prof. Charles Taylor, who received the world`s biggest philosophy prize, the Templeton Prize, in 2007, (a sum of £ 800.000) also, states that within a secular political framework, if we don`t base our civilisation on sciences, spiritual and religious values, our civilisation collapses.


Recently, TUBITAK of Turkey, the foremost scientific organisation in that country, published Darwin`s picture on its periodical, in alignment with UNESCO`s proclamation this year, as the Year of Darwin. Immediately thereafter, the so-called religious party in power in Turkey, ordered the collection of the periodical from the market and TUBITAK had to publish a new version of their latest periodical without the picture of Darwin.


This accounts for a significant lack of knowledge on the part of the Turkish Muslims, of The Holy Koran. No wonder, in despite of Ataturk`s diligent and ambitious revolutions, among which Koran`s translation into Turkish was made, Turkey like many other Muslim countries insists on teaching and reading of Koran in Arabic, without understanding Arabic, which results in such ignorance of this magnificent book sent by God. This benefits the politicians and the imams, as they can control the people as they want, instead of presenting to people the beautiful knowledge in The Koran. The situation is similar to the times when The Holy Bible was recited only in Latin. Its translation into all languages cleared the way to the people`s understanding of it.


Conflicts among the religions of God are also due to this misunderstanding because the books of God were not read in the respective native languages of the people. In Koran, chapter Fussilet, paragraph 44, it is clearly stated that Koran is a treatment in all languages.


A coming closer of the sciences and the God`s religions can only benefit our civilisation.



 Askin Ozcan is an author of six books published in the U.S.A., among which SMALL MIRACLES  (Outskirts Press " ISBN 1598001000) deals with the issue of bringing closer God`s religions and the sciences.


He also writes regularly for,,,