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Published:February 10th, 2010 19:04 EST

The Problem With Evolution

By Henry Ocansey


According to the theory of evolution human beings have evolved all the way from a one-celled Ameba and this is equivalent to saying that time alone will turn a Toyota into a Rolls Royce? Similarly, scientists claim that gravity formed the planets, by condensing dust which was floating in space. But gravity could not have put together the planets because gravity has no eyes or perception and perception is needed to put together geometric objects.


Scientists were able to put a man on the moon; however it does not mean they have all the answers to life. After all, the moon is an object which is here and observable. The planets though were formed at a time when none of us were alive to be witnesses. People have obvious limitations and scientists do also. Their theory of evolution lacks reason and common sense. With common sense we know that things do not assemble themselves and inanimate things do not create inanimate things.

If we came from a one-celled Ameba, then tomatoes could one day grow wings and fly. I suppose people will always come up with theories to explain things they do not understand. Even if the idea of evolution were true, life would have no meaning because our existence, according to the theory, is merely by chance.

Gravity is obviously an invisible force and where did it magically appear from?  If in fact it formed the planets, it later decided to take on other equally impressive rolls, like keeping the planets in an orderly and timely orbit. It also took on a meaningful roll of keeping things on earth from floating into space, and this is certainly useful for us humans. In the theory of evolution, gravity took the place of God and I wonder if gravity made the decision to place the essential sun in the center of the solar system?