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Published:July 12th, 2006 13:56 EST
The Battle of the Bands Encore Performance - Featuring AWESTRUCK

The Battle of the Bands Encore Performance - Featuring AWESTRUCK

By SOP newswire

Welcome to the SOP Battle of the Bands.  We will be accepting tracks from bands from all over the world.  If you think your band is the best and are looking for the opportunity to have your music heard by millions of listeners. 

Send your music and band info to  This week`s featured band is AWESTRUCK.  What will the winner get?  "Who the hell knows, but it could be YOU."  Judyth Piazza and the American Perspective, It`s the Next Generation of Inter-tainment"


The shaping of a band is rarely ever an easy task, and the formation of Awestruck was no exception. Mike El-Ayazra (drums) had been trying to find the right mix of people for years before first running across Charles Honeycutt (vocals). The two of them played together in another band prior to the formation of Awestruck, and when the bass player quit, the search was on to fill that hole.

After a lot of tryouts and disappointments, they finally found Brandon Jennings (bass). Things seemed to be ready to move forward at this point, but before long, the guitarist decided he was unable to fully commit. This was understandable, and the band began looking for that final piece of the puzzle. Countless hours of auditioning guitarists lead to the discovery of the missing piece, Ray Keller (Guitar).

Having played together for less than an hour, the band knew this was the sound and vibe they wanted. Following a circuit blowing performance at their first venue and laying down two tracks at Squirrel Sound Studios with Robert, Awestruck is now relentlessly heading towards the ears of the masses, bringing groove and power back to a scene lacking both.

AWESTRUCK - Charles Honeycutt (vocals) Brandon Jennings (Bass) Mike El-Ayazra (drums) Ray Keller (guitar)

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