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Published:February 4th, 2007 04:53 EST
The Battle of the Bands Featuring Lethal with Drop (Adult Content)

The Battle of the Bands Featuring Lethal with Drop (Adult Content)

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


Lethal was discovered in a small town of Moncure, North Carolina located about 30 miles outside of the Raleigh Durham area. Lethal`s real name is Reggie Green. He adopted the name Lethal, because it describes his potency of his lyrics and style as an MC and songwriter. Lethal demonstrates his talents by consistently writing lyrics that appeal to the mainstream audience. His music is said to be clean and refreshing like a breath of fresh air. Skye from 103.9 out of Atlanta says "the songs are catchy." The majority of Lethal`s music reflects on events that he has actually experienced. He feels like his music is an expression of himself and he wants his fans to be apart of him. Lethal contributes all of his success to his mother Mrs. Leslie Green who he credits for being there for him throughout all his ups and downs.

At the age of 12 years old Lethal began his career as a hip hop artist and songwriter after being inspired by the late Notorious BIG. Lethal dedicated his time to writing songs and learning music. Lethal first success came in high school where he attained his early notoriety for being a gifted MC. He also sold CD`s out of his book bag for extra cash. Lethal also performed at local talent shows, school performances, Philadelphia Bike Fest, Atlanta, and in Texas, anywhere that had a microphone. Lethal first single "Jingle Ling" was reviewed and played by Raleigh and Fayetteville top number one stations. After receiving great reviews he remains optimistic about his dream of pursuing his craft full time. In the meantime Lethal is concentrated on building his fan base and writing quality music for himself and others.""

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